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By website-news on 6.2.2024

Cannabis factories weeded out

Yet another house in Kent has been discovered to contain thousands of pounds worth of cannabis behind its door.

Officers emptied the Margate property of 160 plants last Tuesday, which flourished in the houses five rooms. Residents in the area were “suspicious,” due to the 30 year old man, who was arrested and is currently in custody, rarely coming out of his home.

The East Kent neighbourhood task team dealt with dismantling the factory. They are a group of people dedicated to tackling problems and issues within the area, and were shocked to find a rented home with over 150 cannabis plants hidden inside its walls.

Since finding the factory, police have also contacted EDF energy, who has cut the power to the semi-detached house which was used to cultivate cannabis.

Only two weeks before this property was raided, another house in Margate that contained more than 500 plants was raided and cleared.

The house happened to be situated next to Thanet council’s environmental health boss.

PC Susie Kelsey from Margate said: “Tell-tell signs that a property is being used include windows being constantly covered, condensation on the glass, the sound of generators, frequent visitors and obviously the characteristic smell of the plants.
“We advise people not to enter these premises as booby traps are often put in place as part of the set up to deter intruders.”

Police are worried about the rising drug use in Kent. In Tunbridge Wells alone, drug crime has more than doubled, and the amount of people possessing cannabis has risen by 40% compared to last year.

Cannabis was recently reclassified as a Class B drug, therefore threatening anybody caught with it a high penalty. This makes cultivating it more profitable, and therefore one fully-grown cannabis plant is now worth more than its estimated street value of £250.


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