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By website-editor on 4.2.2024

Superbowl Action – Second Half – NYG 17 NEP 14

Hi Chaps, the Giants are trailing by 4 in the second half, but they’ve got the ball for the first time though, come on chaps! all the sexy fun from the first half is here:

Right then, let’s get back to business!

01.35 The song remains the same, as does the score,

01.36 the Patriots coach has challenged a decisions, the Giants had too many players on the pitch, looks like a close call…

01.37 Challenge upheld, Patriots get an extra offensive play

01.39 Brady makes an unambitious pass, again, why dosen’t the kid go long?, he could make a name for himself

01.41 Magic from the Patriots attack, turning the Giants defence inside out, Patriots gain 14 yards..

01.43 Brady gets sacked again, the kid is too slow, he’s been embaressed tonight

01.45 another break, I need some food, anyone reading to this? if so bring as much pizza as possible to 100 Zealand Road, Wincheap Massive, Luke’ll give you a kiss..

01.46 Giants in possesion, they claw back ten yards, come on NYG!

01.48 First down, for the Giants the giant offence rears into full throttle

01.49 Great long throw from Manning, right into the end zone, almost a touch down, shock horror!

01.50 Gay makes a great play!, Giants still on the offence..

01.52 Giants mess up the third play, supirse suprise, Patriots will restart 7-3 up, I can only see one team winning this, the Patriots attack (Offense – American Ed) has been so much more potent.

01.55 Patriots under pressure, Brady bails them out.

01.57 Patriots have the first down at the 32 yard line. The offence gets going at the second down.

01.59 Brady almost makes a brilliant throw, well, almost, in reality he just passes it fifty yards out of play, he’s looking frustrated and he’s been taken off the pitch!

2.01 Brady break, can Tom Brady haul his ass (arse – Englsh Ed) in gear and see the game out? Find out after yet another break in play

2.03 so far this is officially the second lowest scoring superbowl in history, we’re going into the forth quater now, kick off to Patriots, the punt sails into the end zone.

2.05 Its still 7-3 Patriots, for some, the end can’t come soon enough, the
giants attack really could do better, I doubt they will, the Patriots will see the game out

2.07 The Giant gain 45!

2.09 Super offence play from the Giants, Manning is doing some pin point throwing, and the attack are finally, for want of a better would, attacking

2.10 Manning to Stevie Smith, not waving but drowning, he makes the catch, poetry in motion!


2.12 Great play from the Giants, Manning makes it look easy from five yards out, passing to Rookie David Tyrene, at the third down, its getting quite exciting, Giants lead by three.

2.14 Penalty against the Patriots, if they lose now, there’s only really one man to blame, Tom Brady, what were you doing the whole game?

2.16 Crucial part of the game coming up, Randy Moss catches for the Patriots

2.18 Brady fluffs his lines again, third down to Patriots, Brady goes short and fails, again

2.21 So the commentators are claiming they’re unsuprised by Brady’s poor performance here, well, what about all the hype in the first quarter eh? Short memories these punters have..

2.24 Manning makes some inventive play, they get the third down after the ball sails out

2.26 Here comes the kick, sorry, I’ve just always wanted to say that, Giants retain possesion, 8 minutes left

2.28 The giant defence has been strong so far, lets see if they can hold up for the last eight moments, minutes even

2.30 Second, Brady throws, Moss catches, noy many yards gained, they’re still on the first down

2.31 Six minutes left, Patriots probbing away, but going nowhere..Brady throws

2.32. the Patriots break into the last thirty yards, this is gearing up for the big finish..

2.33 Randy Moss gets another catch, 11 more yards gained, this is going to be close

2.34 Three minutes remain, the Patriots are only about ten yards from the Giants end zone, this could go either way, Brady looks to have got some of his confidence back

2.36 Brady throws it off the pitch! Rubbish!

2.37 Here we go again, the Patriots are three down but are inches away from winning this game and the superbowl

2.38 This game is tantalizingly poised, could go to a 10-10 tie, I’m saying Giants win!

2.38 Break in play for an injury

2.39 TOUCH DOWN!!!! Randy Moss makes the touch down catch. How wrong I was!

2.41 Patriots make a great open field tackle, there’s hardly any time left, the giants need 80 yards to win, I dont think they’ll do it, but what do I know

2.43 There’s still 2 minutes on the clock, with the number of breaks we have in American football, that’s enough time for the Bowl to change hands, Manning throws to Harrison, 1.59 remains, Giants have possesion

2.46 Third down, Giants have it, Manning makes a great throw, it looks just about long enough, for the moment anyway..

2.48 Giants are just trying to stay alive now, they make the first down by millimeters, but they can’t win it from here, surely not

2.49 Manning runs and makes lots of ground, must be about 1 minute left on the clock

2.50 Giants are trailing by four, they have a minute to make up for it, Manning throws long and wild, he blames the reciever

2.51 What a play! Giants make a superb catch, 32 yards gained, come on New York, come on Patriots

2.53 Third and final time out called by the Giants, Manning and co have about 30 secs left to change history

2.54 Mannings throw goes down

2.55 Stevie Smith makes a heroic catch, gaining 11 yards, 39 secs remain. no time outs

2.56 TOUCH DOWN NEW YORK GIANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.57 Manning has been incredible, great play, great catch, an awesome twist in the tail, New York are up by three

2.58 There are only 28 seconds left on the clock. However the Patriots have 3 time outs, a field goal would tie the game for them, Brady messes up another pass

3.00 Brady gets sacked for the forth time, he’s too slow for this, the Giant defence has been immense

3.01 Randy Moss cant make Brady’s long ball, looks like time is running out!

3.03 Giants are going to win! 1 second left on the clock

3.04 This game is unofficially over, the camera men are on the pitch, this has been a very exciting end, it’s not over yet though, 1 second remains..


wow, one of the greatest upsets in recent history, the New York Giants hold on in the dying seconds and are now the Champions of the world.

Or is that just the superbowl?

Eitherway this has been bags of fun to cover, I’m going to bed now, good night everyone.


  • Great commentary! I watched the game live, i didn’t know this was going to be up here, i would have given you some moral support with a few comments!

    What a game! Absolotely quality! One thing though, “poor man’s rugby”? Surely not! I like the english version, but its not quite as exciting as the big guys in tons of padding running around for 30 seconds and then having a break!!

    By Sam on 5.2.2024

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  • There are some great Superbowl pics up on the Guardian website, have a look here if you’re interested:…

    By website-editor on 4.2.2024

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