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By Christopher Hart on 23.3.2024

Netball: Kent crush Chicester

UoK offered a strong offence from the game’s opening, putting considerable pressure on Chichester to defend. Players particularly worth noting that helped in maintaining this constant attack included the defensive work of WD Emily Soulsby, and attacking thrust from WA Jeanette Hi and GA Krissy Page.

Despite many wide shots on goal from UoK, the multitude of opportunities they created for themselves allowed some shots to eventually hit their targets. Come the end of the first quarter UoK had attained the overall advantage, it ending 7 – 4 in their favour.

For the second and third quarters the same strategy was adopted, but to slightly better effect. The heavy attack being maintained was successful enough to only allow Chichester six goals throughout both quarters; a testament to how well the girls kept possession here. Shots on target for UoK however were still few and far between, the opportunity to truly excel being unfortunately wasted. Keeping Chichester firmly in their half of the court proved enough however, even without such benefits as Page, who was substituted off in the middle of the second. The third quarter ended 23 – 10.

For the first half of the fourth quarter much the same occurred. Chichester was kept at bay on a mere 13 points, while UoK steadily crept up the score board. As the final quarter hit mid-way however the game turned around completely. Chichester became increasingly bolder in these final few minutes, perhaps resolved in the view that they now had nothing to lose. Page was brought back into play to aid in the struggle, though to no avail. Chichester managed to achieve a full eight goals in their brief domination of the game, which lasted up until the final second of play. It was not enough though, UoK still remaining a full 10 points ahead. The final quarter ended UoK 31 – Chichester 21.

Overall this game proved an easy win for UoK, their continual attack holding out for all but the final few minutes, perhaps due to fatigue. An improved accuracy of shots on goal would have allowed the score to better reflect the girl’s excellent efforts in their possession and domination of the game, but this was a clear win nonetheless.


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