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By website-news on 7.4.2023

Arrested for honesty

A student from Merseyside was arrested by officers after handing a mobile phone in to a nearby police station.

Paul Leicester came across the phone by chance as it was laying on the side of the street he happened to be crossing whilst celebrating his 18th birthday.

The A level student then rang the last number dialled on the phone and told the friend of the owner that he had found the mobile, and would leave it at the police station.

On arrival, Mr Leicester was arrested for “theft by finding,” took a DNA sample and held him in the station for hours. He said: ‘I thought I was doing the right thing and had it thrown back in my face. I wouldn’t go to the police in future. All I was doing was the honest thing. It was a shocking experience’

Paul said ‘being arrested isn’t a good way to celebrate your 18th birthday,’ whilst his father, still angry over the arrest believes ‘they should give him an apology.’

Merseyside Police eventually dropped the charges, and Chief Superintendent Ian Pilling states: ‘We are reviewing the circumstances of arrest.’


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