CSR Picks: The Tracks That Are Rocking Our Tiny Little Minds… Part One…

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By Jamie Stephens on 20.5.2023

CSR Picks: The Tracks That Are Rocking Our Tiny Little Minds… Part One…

Here at CSR 97.4 FM we’re a little bit bonjour about new music and love nothing more than pumping our listeners full of happy, happy vibes and proper mental tunes. So, with this in mind, here’s the first of our regular insights into what’s currently rocking our tiny little minds and making our playlist sound sooperfat.

The Horrors – ‘Sea within a Sea’ (XL)

We could pick just about anything off ‘Primary Colours’ but the new single’s as good a place as any to prepare yourself for the radical new musical direction. Like the My Bloody Valentine dropping homemade tabs with Joy Division and Robert Smith but much, much better than that actually sounds. The new album is the best thing we’ve heard in yonks. When it drops everyone’s going to start dressing like an undertaker.


Electricity in our Homes – ‘Motorbike’ (4AD)

Jonathan Richman meets Bromheads Jacket in slacker punk ode to tiny cc motorbikes complete with mental Spazz Maths interludes and some strange chick dribbling all over the middle eight. Makes us feel weird in all the right places.


Brighton Port Authority – ‘Toe Jam’ (Southern Fried)

Fatboy’s latest outing pits Talking Heads’ David Byrne against the scattergun delivery of Dizzee Rascal in a deep south ska-pop hoedown. Think New Orleans brass with big beats and double bass. The album might be a bit pony but this is fun with a capital eff. Check out the video – it’s hilarious.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs – ‘Zero’ (Interscope)

It’s the Yeah Yeah Yeahs… Nuff said. Instant classic from one of the consistently-best bands of the last eight years. Doing what they always do, only BIGGER. Ouch.


Bombay Bicycle Club – ‘Always Like this’ (Decca)

BBC get accidentally trapped in that remote Wisconsin cabin with Bon Iver and Belle & Sebastian and survive by listening to the Vampire Weekend album. Indie pop at its most loveliest.


Tiny Masters Of Today – ‘Pop Song’ (Mute)

Weighing in at a whopping 140lbs dripping wet and with a combined age of 27 this brother sister duo make uber simple, uber lo-fi pop punk grooves. They’ll never win an Ivor Novello award but that’s not the point because this is catchy as pig flu. Novelty act ? Absolutely not. This lot tear it up…


Tilly and The Wall – ‘Pot kettle Black’ (Team Love)

We’ve been hammering this for ages and still ain’t bored. Fairly formulaic garage rock but it rocks. Plus they don’t have a drummer they just got a tap dancer. Pretty cool ne c’est pas ? Put it on if you need to smash something up.


Still Flyin’ – ‘Never Gonna Touch The Ground’ (Moshi Moshi)

Supergroups CAN be good. Made us invest in some hippy robes and set up a Sun Cult. For reggae and Rock Steady fans who also own records by the Flaming Lips and the Polyphonic Spree. If that’s actually possible.


A-Trak –‘ I Poke Her Face’ (Fool’s Gold)

We can’t actually play this as it’s too rude but we’re working on getting the swears out so we can give it a good rinsing. For fans of Jurassic 5, Kanye West or that horrible Annie-sampling Jay Z song.


Kitty, Daisy and Lewis – ‘Baby Hold Me Tight’ (Sunday Best)

Who says all the kids are listening to crap music? The latest offering from our favourite rockabilly teens makes us feel like we’re in that wicked Elvis Presley goes to Hawaii film that always seemed to be on when you were off school sick. Gorgeous vocals, xylophones and a bit that sounds like that monkey song off the ‘The Jungle Book’…These guys are AMAZING live. What ? They’re not playing Lounge On The Farm this year because they’ve just been asked to support Coldplay on tour in the States ? Yowzer… our considerable loss is their considerable gain…


Sibrydion – ‘Praying For Rain’ (Dell’Orso)

We hadn’t heard of this lot ‘til some nice people sent it to us. Apparently they’re welsh (the band not the nice people) and this is the first one they done without welsh words in it. It’s a little bit Elvis Costello, a little bit Beach Boys, a little bit Super Furries, it’s a little bit woo, it’s a little bit wah. Great for barbequeues despite its title.


Hook and the twin – ‘Race For The Bone’ (Feraltone)

Absolutely crazy – what Alfred hitchcock would play if he ever got booked to DJ in a Middle Eastern sooq. If you like Pixies, Beach Buggy, debut-era Cure or Foals you will like this. Scary.


What Would Jesus Drive – ‘The Leccy’ (Guerilla)

Yay! More tunes from Medway’s finest electro punks. We’re fairly indiscriminate when it comes to WWJD as we always love everything they do but this is particularly lovely. Cutsie vocals from Wendy James’s natural heir and angular guitar chops from the coolest dude in Chatham. Nice.


Chew Lips – ‘Solo’ (Kitsune)

Sub-Yeah Yeah Yeahs electro workout with Casio noodlings. Some people will buy this just because it’s on Kitsune. It’s been tiding us over nicely whilst we waited for the new YYYs album (we refused to listen to the leak out of principle). Karen O fans apply within.


Lady Sovereign – ‘So Human’ (Midget Records)

We should hate this but for some reason we don’t. North London’s tinniest rapper meets one of the all-time greatest Cure riffs. Its not sampling it’s outright theft but it’s good. Calllllll the cops.


Tame Impala – ‘Half Full Glass of Wine’ (Modula Records)

This and the six minute remix version somehow accidently got looped by my car stereo and I tripped out for like three days before I realised what had happened. Somehow I didn’t crash or run out of petrol but instead ended up booking a trip to the desert with Cream and rawk-era Kings of Leon. Very swampy but very cool. The Canyons Drunken Rage mix is fonky as hell. Oh and it sounds arse-tremblingly good in the car.


*NB Tune into CSR 97.4fm and www.csrfm.com to hear these and many other corking tunes like them. Spread the word people.


  • Somewhat ill-informed/ misleading about Tilly and the Wall. They do use a drum kit, not all the time, but it is there, and one of the tracks they do use drums for is the track you have picked.

    By Lisa on 8.6.2023

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