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By Editor – Sardar… on 5.2.2024

Super Tuesday – Live Coverage

Follow all the action from the super exciting American primary elections.

We will have commentary, wry observations and live results from 11.00 p.m. GMT

Watch this space for more details…

To wet your appetites here is a little intro by our green fiend Luke Walter:

‘Super Tuesday’, is it the most exciting day in the US Presidential Primaries? For twenty- four states it most certainly is. In the Democratic race ‘Super Tuesday’ may not be the fat lady singing, but for the Republicans, ‘Super Tuesday’ will most likely reveal who their candidate will be.

The primary season kicked off on January 3rd in the ‘whitest of white’ states, Iowa. In the Democratic race voters in the twenty- four states will choose 42% of national convention delegates, who will then go on to endorse either, New York Senator Hilary Clinton who has 47% in the national polls, or the charismatic Senator from Illinois, Barack Obama, who has a slightly weaker 43% according to the Washington Post.

In the Republican race, the latest Washington Post national poll figures put Senator John McCain on 48%, former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney on 24%, and former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee on 16%. Republicans will choose 43% of their national convention delegates, but will voters secure ‘Super Tuesday’ for McCain?

Eleven states are expected to announce its primary results at 01.00 GMT, Arkansas is expected to come in at 01.30 GMT, seven more states will be expected at 02.00 GMT, and finally California, with the most number of delegates up for grabs, will announce its results at 04.00 GMT. The other three big states with large delegations are Illinois, New Jersey and New York.

InQuire Live is partial to bringing late night up-to-date news from over the pond, and tonight is no different. We will be bringing you the results as we get them via the good folk at the BBC, the Guardian, the Times, CNN, the “Fair and Balanced” Fox News, and, of course, our own wonderfully investigative minds.

Commentary tonight comes courtesy of Charlie Baylis, Zain Sardar and Luke Walter, we hope you enjoy our coverage

11.00 p.m. Ok lets get the ball rolling, the first major news is that I heart Huckabee has won in West Virgnia, more details to follow

11.06 p.m It was a bad loss for Mitt Romney, the republican candidate, he was expected to win in West Virginia, Huckabee is unlikely to get the nomination even with this victory

11.12 p.m. Mike Huckabee has won in a State Convention, not an actual vote. Mike Huckabee picked up the second round votes of John McCain’s supporters to deprive Mitt Romney of valuable delegates he hoped to win in the South. This is as much a victory for McCain as it is for Huckabee.

11.17 p.m. No news from the Democrat camp as such, but just to update you that Hil Clinton was caught weeping again, the second time she’s done this on the camaign trail, pass the kleenex Bill

11.19 p.m. Bill Clinton for first lady! Apperently William Jeffererson Clinton has become a liabilty for the Clintonions, which is suprising really, I thought Bill was winning it for her..

23.22 Anyone got any guesses as to who fiddy cent is supporting?

23.25 No? Let me tell you, Fiddy is gunning for Hilary, apperetley he was a big Bill fan, “he did a great job during his term” and “He took me to the candy store”

23.26 You can work out which bit he actually said

23.36 This just in from Associate Press : ‘Scattered voting problems, including machine glitches and long lines, emerged in some states on the biggest Super Tuesday ever held in America. But overall, voting appeared to go smoothly’

23.38 inQuire Live are listeing to Playground Love by Air, it’s a great tune, from a wonderful American film, Barack Obama is said to be a fan

23.45 Are the Republicans looking for the ‘right’ candidate? John McCain is the kind of Republican liberals liked, he was hostile to many of the Bush administrations’ policies, an advocate of campaign finance reform and he has started talking climate change. Is he too liberal for his own party or can he move the party back to a less- religiously fervent ground. He has since moved to the right, but he has not alienated the liberal and moderate wing of the Republicans.

Mitt Romney is the former Governor of liberal Massachusetts, home to the family of America’s arch-liberal elite, the Kennedy’s. As Governor, Romney over-saw an expansion of Medicaid, support for stem cell research, a ‘neutral’ position on abortion and state regulation of greenhouse gas emissions. Upon entering the race, Romney was quick to position himself on the Christian conservative wing of the Republican Party, thus alienating the liberal and independent support John McCain tapped into. His some what liberal Governorship damaged any credibility he attempted to create with conservatives.

One thing that is apparent in the Republican race is the little influence the Christian conservatives have actually had. Mike Huckabee was the desired candidate of the religious right. However, Huckabee’s message was not well received by Republican Party members looking to get away from the religiously dogmatic presidency of the Bush administration. Is this a new moderate Republican party in the making?

00.04 Some sources and new agencies predict the Obama will win the democratic primary in Georgia.

00.10 Will the student vote come out for Obama? The cornerstone of Barack Obama’s coalition from the off has been the neglected ‘apathetic’ ones, the 18- 25 year olds, typically students. All across American campuses chapters of ‘Students for Obama’ have been out in force promoting the cool brand name of ‘Barack Obama.’ It’s cooler than Coca- Cola and Levi Jeans, and has proved a big hit on social networking sites. One of Facebook’s founders is currently a consultant for Barack Obama’s campaign, it’s testimony to how important the youth vote is for Obama. Will the ‘Obama’ brand name be the flavour of the night?

00.12 Apparently so, as Obama has a 13 point poll lead in California, a vastly important vote in terms of votes


00.16 This is from an exit poll projection, just off the press, he was always going to win in Georgia anyway, but its a good start for handsome Barack, come on team Obama!

00.17 I’m hearing stories of record turn out in Georgia, from Fox, here’s the official victory story from the Grauniad:,,2253170,00.html

00. 22 The Republican vote, whilst more difficult to predict in socially- conservative Georgia, does operate on a winner-takes-all system, which means that the Republican contest looks likely to be decided tonight. The Democrats operate on a proportional system for their primaries, thus the possiblity of the Democratic race remaining inconclusive after tonight.

00:25 Obama will also be encouraged by the fact he has won over, so officials say, the majority of voters from aboard, 75 per cent of the 100 votes cast. It will be especially comforting for him to know that US democratic voters in Indonesia, the land of his early childhood, handed him a gift in the form of giving him their overwhelming vote.

00. 32 Reuters Poll suggests Mitt Romney is leading John McCain by 7 points in liberal California. The Californian suburbs are traditional Republican territory. Mitt Romney would have had to woo them to win the state and take the delegates.

00. 33 An NBC poll puts Clinton on a ‘slight edge’ with women voters and white voters in 16 states.

00. 41 According to the BBC 57% of voters on ‘Super Tuesday’ are women. This is favourable to Clinton.

00.44 We’re hotly awaiting exit polls from 11 states in the next 20 mins, hang on to your seats guys, it’s going to be close

00.47 63 per cent of Democrat voters in Georgia (where Obama got 64 per cent of the vote), interestingly enough, were women- CNN

00. 53 The first exist polls for ten states will appear in 8 minutes! Excitement building up here…

00.57 According to the BBC, there will be record number of voters turning out in California, thanks to this intriguing contest.

01.01 NBC projects an Obama win in Illinois. However, this is Obama’s home State so it is not unexpected.

01.03 Clinton wins in Oklahoma. Huckabee wins in his former state of Arkansas. McCain projected to win in Conneticuit.

01.03: Romney wins in Massachusetts where he was the former Governor.

01.05 John McCain is projected to win in Illinois.

01. 07 Good news in the John McCain camp. He has been projected to win in New Jersey.

01. 10 Apparently its a free for all in California. “Golden for Clinton, golden for Obama, golden for McCain, golden for Romney.” California could go to anyone, but we won’t know until 4am GMT.

01. 11 Win for HUCKABEE in ALABAMA- Fox News- Upset for McCain, Huckabee was trailing six points in the polls

01. 13 According to Fox the Democrat races in Massachusetts and New Jersey are too close to call.

01. 17: California goes to Obama and wins the Presidency- InQuire live scoop!

01. 20: Has the conservative vote given John McCain a ‘bloody nose?’ Early polls, especially the upset in Alabama, suggests that the Christian conservative vote doesn’t want to be ignored.

01.21 Che Guevara wins Delaware. Not!

01.23 Tom Christian takes Connecticut! Sorry no results currently…

01.32 Arkansas goes to Clinton!

01. 32 The BBC has projected a Clinton win in Tennessee. It would have been thought that this was Obama territory, but perhaps not.

01. 36 NBC and Fox have predicted John McCain to win in Delaware according to Reuters.

01. 42 The polls are indicating a strong conservative blow against John McCain, whilst McCain has done well in the ‘Blue’ states, this is no suprise given his moderate track record, making him favourable to those Republicans in the North- East, this does offer some hope however in the very liberal California. Mitt Romney is holding steady, however the biggest grin and smile belongs to Mike Huckabee who has exceeded previous expectations and is the clear conservative favourate.

01. 44 IT’S THE ECONOMY STUPID – Democrats are being driven by economic concerns, as are Republicans. McCain has a confusingly good record with voters on the economy, despite him knowing very little about it.

01.44: The race is still tight between Clinton and Obama. Clinton seems to have done well in central parts of America while Obama seems to be more successful in states such as Connecticut.

01.45 Clinton has done very well in the South, I’m still worrying about how the race card is playing down there, with regard to Barack Obama’s poor showing

01.46 It seems that early predictions for a Clinton victory in Oklahoma were haphazard. Reuters is predicting a race too close to call. Reauters is also calling a close three hourse race between the Republicans in Georgia.

01.48 We’ve got another round of results coming in at 2.00 a.m. Arizona and New York will declare, there’s a strong Superbowl link there, hope you saw our coverage!

01. 53 Republican delegate count- McCain has 181 Huckabee has 93 and Romney has 44.

01.53 Delegates count for the Democrats, Clinton has 263 and Obama has 203

01.54 BAMA LEADS BAMA! Barack is leading the race in Alabama, he has ahead with 7% of precincts counted

01.57 Right folks we’re off to a new page shortly, don’t worry we’ll leave this page live, exciting stuff so far, I think they should re-name it Wonderful Wednesday

01.58 Fox- Obama wins 71 per cent of the vote in Alabama. A huge majority that will please him greatly.


  • Would like to think that’s not an entirely accurate assessment of my election chances Zain and Charlie, but hey I must be the only Tom Christian in Connecticut, amazing considering that state has a population of just over 3,500,000!

    By Tom Christian on 12.2.2024

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  • we’re one and a half hours into super wednesday, to clarify

    Obama wins Georgia and Illinois
    McCain wins New Jersey, Connecticut and projected to win Illinois

    I heart Huckabee wins Alabama, West Virgina, Arkansaw

    Clinton has won Olkahoma, Arkansaw, Tennesse

    Romney has won Massachushiwaddie

    By website-editor on 6.2.2024

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  • Zain and Luke have gone mad!

    Tom Christian couldn’t win a seat in the Tom Christian elections….

    By website-editor on 6.2.2024

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