Super Tuesday – Live Coverage – Post 2.00 am

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By Editor – Sardar… on 6.2.2024

Super Tuesday – Live Coverage – Post 2.00 am

Right folks, all the action from before 2.00 am is here

We’re shortly expecting results from some super important states..

Hold on tight!

02. 03 Clinton has been projected to take New York, which is no surprise considering she is one of the state’s Senators. Surprisingly Clinton has also taken Massachusetts despite Senator’s Kerry and Kennedy throwing their weight behind Barack Obama. Clinton looks as though she will take Tennessee and Missouri for sure.

2.05 Connecticut: The Democrat race is too close to call! Oh the tension is getting to me.

2.06 Obama projected to win in Delaware, that’s an official steal from Clinton.

2. 08 Mike “I Heart” Huckabee is holding on despite pollsters earlier predictions. He’s holding on in the South, picking off conservative and evangelical Christian votes.

2.10 McCain takes New York according to Reuters, wow, he shouldn’t have won there, should he?

2.11 Romney and McCain neck and neck in California, in that neck of the woods so to speak…

2.11 CLINTON projected to WIN NEW JERSEY. She was always predicted to win the Garden State but it does carry with it alot of delegates, so crucial to the Democratic convention.

2.14 99% of precincts in Zimbabwe are going for that canny Rupert Mugabe figure. How does he do it?

2.19 It is a very close evening indeed, closer than predicted, especially in the Republican camp. There is talk of a McCain/ Huckabee Presidential ticket, it is certainly one which unites both wings of the Republican Party.

2.21 Clinton and Obama are finding it difficult to spread out from their local states. It may be a while before we get a result, this exciting contest continues.

2.23 Hilary Clinton is the Queen of the East she has got York, Jersey, Mass, plus two Southern states, I think she’s got the nomination, but then Obama is doing very well in the Mid West

2.25 ‘Bamba, ‘Bamba, ‘Bamba. It is CONFIRMED, Barack Obama wins Alabamba.

2.27 Could the Republicans beat a Clinton and Obama ticket? Which way up would it be?

2.28 The answer to the first question is no, the answer to the second question is impossible, however, we may uncover some more clues shortly

2.31 What you need to remember is that delegates are more important than the number of states, bare this in mind, as this story unfolds in to the early hours of the morning.

02.34 There’s a great summery from our gods, the Guardian, here:,,2253170,00.html

2.38 It is still a very unpredictable race, especially in the Democratic camp. Does it all hinge on California? Quite possibly. Will it be the Obama- supporting wine- drinking liberals, or the blue- collar Clintonites who come out on top?

2.42 Reuters has projected that Barack Obama has won in Kansas.

2.43 Clinton and Huckabee are projected to be ahead in Missouri.

2.45 McCain is ahead in the Montana caucus.

2.51 Chairman of the Democratic Party, Howard Dean, a former candidate in the 2004 Presidential primaries, suggests the unpredictability of ‘Super Tuesday’ is a result of undecided and independent voters not giving too much away to the pollsters beforehand.

2.55 Send us your thoghts if you so wish.

2.56: Romney expected to keep his home state of Utah, no surprise there, its Mormania!

3.05 Conneticuit is very close indeed. Clinton has 48.9% of returns, Obama has 48% of returns. Obama has been projected to win North Dakota. All according to CNN, Fox and NBC.

3.20 According to Fox and CBS Obama is expected to win Conneticuit.

3.25 Obama has been projected to win the Minnesota caucus with 64% of the vote.

3.30 Delegate Count. In the Democratic race, Hilary Clinton has 299 delefates, Barack Obama has 219. For the Republicans John McCain has 332 delegates, Mitt Romney has 135 and Mike Huckabee has 54- CNN

3.35 Charlie and Zain are now signing off, leaving Luke to finish off the rest of the updates. In the words of Edward R. Murrows, Charlie and Zain say “Good Night, and Good Luck”

3.40 Alot of results have just come in. Clinton is ahead in Missouri with 57% of the vote. Romney is leading the Minnesota and Montana caucuses, and the BBC has reported that Romney has taken North Dakota.

3.44 On the Republican side, Huckabee has taken Tennessee, Fox and CNN have projected McCain to win in Arizona, and NBC has just projected another Huckabee victory in Georgia.

3.55 It’s the big one, California, coming up in five minutes. It has the potential to settle the Republican race, and has an equal potential to keep it alive. For the Democrats, California could deliver a huge number of delegates to either Clinton or Obama.

4.05 California is too close to call as polls close.

4.10 According to CNN, Obama wins the Democratic primary in Colorado, whilst Romney seals the Montana and Minnesota caucuses in the Republican battle.

4.15 Barack Obama has been projected to win the Idaho caucus- CBS

4.20 Clinton has been projected by NBC to win Arizona

4.22 Networks have projected an Obama victory in Minnesota. The Democratic race really is wide open and will go to the last hurdle. A month a go few would have thought that this would be the situation following ‘Super- Duper Tuesday.’ Every state will matter in the Democratic battle.

4.25 Mitt Romney has done very well in the Republican caucuses. Reuters projects Romney winning in Colorado. Clinton has been projected to take Missouri according to the networks.

4.40 McCain’s speech in Arizona “salutes Governor Huckabee.” Is this a strong indication of two friendly minds possibly sharing a ticket?

4.50 CNN has just projected Barack Obama to win Utah.

5.00 It is 5am and the Californian result has not yet come through. I am afraid we have to now leave you, but we will give you the full low- down later on today. Thankyou to all who have logged on. “Good morning”

Welcome back all. There have been many developments.

In the early hours there was victories in Alaska for both Barack Obama, winning the Democratic race, and Mitt Romney won for the Republicans in that state.

The big one, California, went to Hilary Clinton in the contest for the Democrats, whilst John McCain won over the Republicans.

CNN estimated that Hilary Clinton won 49% of the popular vote (724 delegates) with Barack Obama winning 48% (646). In the Republican contest John McCain won 40% (575), Mitt Romney got 31% (250) and Mike Huckabee won 21% of the popular vote (160 delegates). Clearly the big loser of the night was Mitt Romney, whereas the big winnter was Mike Huckabee. Huckabee spent considerably less on his campaign finances, and conservative christian voters have put him in a very comfortable position indeed, not a winning position, but one that makes Mike Huckabee a contender for the Vice- Presidential candidacy for the Republicans.


  • Come on Hilary!!!! If she wins, she helps me out on my research thesis!

    By Anonymous on 7.2.2024

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  • Very interesting to find out all the results and I didn’t have to stay up till 5am either. I read it the next morning as I found there was a new inquire out. I expected there to be as the old entertainment planner had run out.

    By Anonymous on 6.2.2024

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