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By Nicolette Sheridan on 4.6.2023

Talent on the Boyle?

I got to know about Susan Boyle from a friend two days before the Saturday final. Yes, of course I watch telly but not that type of telly. See, I have Sky and feeling oh so posh I wondered if I’d missed out on something that I really needed to watch. So immediately I got on YouTube and low and behold I saw this old woman! My first opinion based on her appearance was bland, which is my overall impression of Britain’s Got Talent anyway so no surprise there eh!? Then she starts talking and can’t remember the word ‘village.’ What is this, Britain’s Dumbest Show? But just as I was about to open a new tab she started singing…

Oh the voice… the sheer power of it all blew me away! I was expecting a tiny squeaky voice from this seemingly crazy lady in her forties but she gave me goose bumps! She went on and on and just when you thought it couldn’t get better she takes you on a journey… and of course I didn’t understand one word of it because of her Scottish accent but who cares about communicating a message when you’ve got a voice like that? It was like being in a Jaguar on a beautiful spring day; appreciating the daffodils and the little lambs yet not smelling the scent exuding from a mixture of the two. The nasty scent being her appearance and her voice the delightful smooth journey. But one has to wonder if the attention was because of the peculiarity of her look or was it because she actually has a great voice. If so, why wasn’t young Shaheen Jafargholi, with the voice and face of an angel receiving much attention? After all he is only 12. Then there was Shaun Smith who has the face that gives the Greek gods a run for their money, yet the fascination and attention was focused on this one plain woman with an undeniable talent, which they also possessed. Has Susan re-defined our idea of beauty and brought about her very own x-factor?

The dance group Diversity pipped the bookmaker’s favourite song goddess for top prize at ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ finals. So where does the future lie for this lady? Is she going to go into the ‘Nowhere Hall of Fame’ or is she going to be like the famous Paul Potts (another looker, I might add) who was number 1 in 13 countries and a guest on Oprah twice. Bring in the big bucks and new teeth, I say! Or will she be like 14 year old George Sampson who had a number one selling album and then grew up and wasn’t so cute? At least she doesn’t have that problem as there is nowhere else but up for her. Who won ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ is not the issue anymore as it is clear that whoever wins does not always do better than their runner-up. George Sampson vs. Escala, no contest. My prediction is she is going to be gracing the opera world with her dreamlike voice. So Britain does have talent, although hidden very well!


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