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By Katherine Graham on 28.1.2024

Society Spotlight: Pool

I was invited to one of the Pool Society’s socials before Christmas. I went with slight trepidation as I only knew the President, Victoria, but I needn’t have worried as they were the loveliest group of people, and some of the best drinkers I have ever met! What struck me was how few people know about this society. One bartender I spoke to said he loves Pool but had no clue there was a society or that membership including a one off fee gave you access to their two Pool rooms on Campus and access to their booking system.

The society have tournaments every week at a local pub against Christchurch and take trips to inter-university Pool tournaments as well as the BUCs in Great Yarmouth, and a Snooker tournament in Leeds. Victoria says “tournaments we enter are funded by the club, and competitors just have to pay a small amount for a team shirt, and some of the travel costs. It involves staying in a hotel, going out for meals, lots of socialising, and some drinking! Loads of fun. Some people have said that it’s one of the best uni weekends they have every experienced”

But for those who are afraid that this is all too serious for them should note the President had no knowledge of Pool until she joined as a Fresher last year and says herself that has “improved so fast”. She now has a sport that she loves and is proof that anyone can join.

Victoria says that she is aware that girls may feel intimidated but “I get on with everybody in the club so well!” Because of the lack of girls any who wish to join will automatically be given a place on the team for women’s tournaments. This gives you the opportunity to go away to Coventry for a tournament, where the society is hoping to send two teams.

So if you missed them at Re-Freshers fair then contact Victoria on:


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