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By Conrad Hughes on 15.3.2024

Getting Your Haircut Is Awesome

I haven’t been to a salon or any type of hair cutting shop for about 6 years, after a young apprentice managed to cut himself whilst washing my hair, then he cut my ear and put his bloody hands in my face. I decided it would be prudent to cut my own hair from then on.

However, upon hearing about a new salon specifically for men opening in Butchery Lane, I thought perhaps it was time I got a proper haircut. Valet, the salon, was an idea formulated by a Qatar businessman who searched Kent to find a place he could get a wet shave, massage and a haircut done at the same place, a search doomed to failure. So instead of going all the way to London, he decided it would be simpler to open his own place- Valet offer massages, beard sculpting, hair cuts and the all-important wet shave, done traditionally with a cut-throat razor.

I didn’t need a shave though, I needed a haircut, so that’s what I got. I wanted it styled traditionally, in a kind of 50’s retro pushed back way. I’m happy with the results, and the staff are very professional and extremely proficient at what they do. They did use the razor for some of the parts and it’s certainly a new feeling having a ridiculously sharp blade against your face, although, like I said, I’m very pleased with the results. It’s an extremely slick looking place and at the moment it appears you don’t need to book: they were quiet when I went in. If you like the idea of not leaving the barbers covered in random scraps of hair with a crappy haircut and you don’t like the stifling attitude of many of the ladies’ salons in Canterbury, Valet would be an excellent choice. They even took my coat and bag when I went in.

Students get 10% off which takes the price for a cut down to £19.80, or £22 for non-students. This is fairly expensive when you consider that a cut is about £10 at a barbers, but sometimes you do actually get what you pay for. I’d love to go down there for a wet shave at some point, as it’s something I’ve always been interested in having done, and I’m told you can’t beat the results. This place isn’t going to be for everyone, but if you fancy a bit of a treat and some guilt free pampering, head on down.


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