Sex and the City 2: Review

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By Matt Cozier on 1.6.2023

Sex and the City 2: Review

It’s been 12 years since the show first aired but the phenomenon that is Sex and the City is still going strong and the latest installment in the lives of Carrie Bradshaw and her friends is testament to this.

The second movie takes place two years after the events of the first, as the characters prepare to celebrate the white wedding of the century, complete with a performance from Liza Minnelli (yes she’s still going) that is both entertaining and cringeworthy in equal measure. Despite getting a fair few negative reviews this movie has succeeded where the first movie failed.

What most critics of the film have found problematic is that it has the feel of an extended-episode rather than a piece of cinema: it goes beyond a simple “what happened next” approach and returns to its roots by focusing on the dramas and relationships that surround the four women. Charlotte and Miranda continue to struggle with the dynamics of careers and families, Carrie is fighting to keep her marriage exciting and Samantha has declared all out war on the aging process.

The friends’ trip to Abu Dhabi offers endless chances for the film to flaunt fabulous frocks and show the salivating audience what the lap of luxury looks like but this is not done at the expense of good writing. Whilst many have labelled the film as ‘rushed’, I would say that it kept all the slapstick and bawdy-back-and-fourth that made the series so popular as well as remembering to drop in those emotional moments that made the characters relatable.

Whilst the film does examine the culture clash it lacks the offensive teeth found in a lot of western movies. The focus is not necessarily on east and west but on the role and position of women, this being said the movie is thankfully bereft of any preachy Hollywood tone that could bring the movie down. Overall I think the movie was a good piece of light entertainment that had plenty of appeal, I would not, however, recommend it to those cynics who had no love for the series.



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