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By Carl English on 17.8.2023

Kent Looking to Receive 8% of New Students Through Clearing

As A Level students up and down the country wait to hear their fate on Thursday, the University of Kent has released the numbers for how many clearing students they are hoping to accept.

With the number of university applicants reaching new highs this year, universities across Britain are receiving a record number of applications. It is estimated that there are around 250,000 students that have applied through UCAS for courses starting in this academic year.

Last year, the University of Kent filled roughly 10% of its intake through Clearing. Out of the 3000 Clearing applications the university received, 355 were filled.

However, this year, the number is said to be lower at 8%. This is despite of the fact that Kent applications are up 25% on last year. But, in May of this year, Kent successfully secured additional student numbers from the Higher Education Funding Council For England (HEFCE) – meaning that the university is in a better position than others to accept clearing applicants.

There have already been some universities that have declared they are “full up”, and will not be accepting Clearing applicants, namely Birmingham, Bristol, Warwick and Edinburgh.

It appears that this year will be more difficult than ever to secure a university place. University leaders predict that a record 170,000 applicants will be left without a degree place – up 40,000 from the previous year.

With the introduction of the new A Level grade, A*, where candidates have to achieve 90% or more overall in a subject to attain the grade, there will be students with straight As looking for Clearing places.

But Kent is open for Clearing. The university’s Clearing hotline is 0845 2000 166.


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