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By Nathan Sparkes on 4.4.2023

Kent Students to Run for Council


Students at UKC will have added incentive to get out and register to vote for the upcoming council elections as several of their fellow students will be running. InQuire understands that at least four students will be standing, albeit for different parties.

InQuire caught up with one of the candidates, Alex Murray, who has already gained a lot of recognition for being involved in the Senate sit-in over Christmas. Alex said: “We should be looking for an alternative to the Conservative-run council which has a record of failing to combat traffic emissions and of reducing the possibilities for direct democracy. You have an opportunity to vote for someone who will stand up for the issues students care about; fighting the cuts, looking for better relations between students and residents and for a greener council. I urge you all to exercise your democratic right on the 5th May and vote in the local elections.”

While Alex is standing for the Green Party, several other students will be standing for Labour.

Students can register for voting at

Voting takes place 5th May.


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