Conservatives Hold Off Impressive Green Student Push in Blean Forest

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By Edward Payne on 7.5.2023

Conservatives Hold Off Impressive Green Student Push in Blean Forest

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Two University of Kent students standing for the Green Party in Blean Forest, the ward which includes UKC, in Thursday’s local council elections were held off by their Conservative opponents despite impressive results. UKC students Alex Murray and Zoe Scandrett were representing the Green Party.

Murray finished third with 18% and 400 votes, only 168 votes away from being elected. Scandrett came in just behind with 13% and 300 votes. Conservatives Helen McCabe MBE and John Gilbey did keep their seats on Canterbury City Council but only after surviving a surprisingly strong Green challenge from the student community. The Greens also managed a resounding victory over the Liberal Democrat candidates, who only gained 8% of the vote each. The Conservative Party now have 37 seats on Canterbury City Council, the Liberal Democrats 10 and the Labour Party 3.

Students from across the campus came to the Senate building to cast their votes throughout Thursday. However, the 22% turnout rate in the Blean Forest was disappointing. As well as voting for councillors, people across the country were voting “Yes” or “No” to a referendum on changing the voting system to AV. The result of that referendum was a resounding “No”.

For more detailed results from the Blean Forest ward, click here.

For Alex Murray’s reaction to the results, click here.



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