Up and Coming South London Based Jarema Set to Play at the Attic.

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By Alyson Claffey on 12.8.2023

Up and Coming South London Based Jarema Set to Play at the Attic.

The up and coming South London based ‘Jarema’ are one of the many bands possibly in the line up to play at the Attic next year.

With the new release of their album, ‘Everyone at Home’ the four-piece Jarema is hoping to rock the music scene and hopefully the University of Kent.

Starting out in 2008, the band consists of Andre Jarema on vocals, piano and guitar, Alex Gettinby playing electric guitar, Cristiano Tortoioli on bass and Owen Martin on the drums.

The band released the DVD ‘Everyone at Home’ as an accompaniment to their new album of the same name released last month on June 1st.

The DVD provides an opportunity for friends, family and fans to witness exclusive live performances with the band, live sessions and a special interview with lead singer and the brains behind the band Andre Jarema.

The DVD depicts a selection of performances filmed in a primal back to basics fashion, featuring the band doing their thing in black and white at small intimate venues.

There are very few frills to the DVD, just the raw composition of the music. It is unquestionably modest, but it works with the tone of the music and the fresh innocence of this band.

Jarema undoubtedly tap into the niche market which is out there for “alternaive” musicians and their DVD depicts the music of a band just breaking through into the bigger scene, but still fresh enough to get people interested.

The DVD itself is a collection of gigs which features a selection of songs such as ‘Cross Eyed’, ‘Winter’ and ‘Your Mum’ to name a few, all of which have a rather sedentary quality, sometimes melodic, but not always pleasing.

However Jarema are not just a one trick pony, the songs ‘He Tried’ and ‘Birth, Sex, Death’ include some cheeky guitar riffs which add an extra pizzazz to the sometimes slightly monotonous music showing that this band do have some potential.

The most pleasant song on the DVD is perhaps ‘Your Time Has Come’, a simple solo performed by lead singer Andre Jarema accompanied by a just his piano.

The song is edgy, quirky and completes Jarema’s uncut individual voice. It does however have a slight reticence, which at times has the potential to be reminiscent of bands such as the Shins, or a laid back Libertines. It definitely has a slight edge on the rest of the songs.

The second half of the DVD is an interview with the front man himself. The interview allows the viewership to connect with the singer, who hails originally from Belgium.

Although the room is dark and slightly reminiscent of an undercover news witness, Jarema’s awkward but slightly rehearsed charm shines through as he discusses his struggle in moving from Belgium to London and the eventual formation of the band.

He states ‘I came to this country to play music, to be heard’, ‘I want to record music properly’.

Although, this is an album which may find itself in competition with others of the same sound, there is still chance for the band to impress us as well as further defining themselves as musicians with s distinctive sound.

No upcoming tours or gigs are currently listed for the band, but it might be worth keeping your eye out, especially with the Big Smoke only a short train ride away.

It might be interesting to taking a look at this band if you’re in the city and curious to discover new bands. With recent features in Exposed Magazine and their new album, 2011 is set to be Jarema’s breakout year.


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