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By Website Comment on 12.9.2023

Is England In Moral Decline?

With the (wonderful English) summer soon behind us, we’ve been presented with riots in several major cities nation-wide and deeper revelations that journalists are using nefarious means to obtain information for mass consumption. At the same time, the ‘Big Society’ could prove to be fruitful with the recent openings of several new free schools set-up by parents whilst the immediate organisation and execution of public-led clean ups after the riots highlighted the good-will of large swathes of the population. Whilst the phrase ‘moral decline’ is often used, chiefly by members of Parliament, is it accurate to say England is experiencing this? InQuire wants your opinion.

Post your comments below and the best one will be selected and printed in the next paper issue and will win a fantastic prize of free entry for the winner, queue jumps for up to 10 mates and a free bottle of bubbly (note not champagne) supplied by our lovely Kent Union! Be sure to post your e-mail address and name so that you can be contacted. (You must be a student at the University of Kent)


  • If you were to ask people 20 years ago whether it is right to burn down a family business or steal from someone I’m pretty sure they would say no. If you were to ask yourself, I’m pretty sure you would say no, ask someone in 20 years, I’d bet the answer would be exactly the same, NO!

    Following the events many people many people have been prosecuted having handed themselves into the police. Would a guilt ridden person feel no morals? Many people have been prosecuted through identification people passing information to the police, would they bother to do so if they had morals?

    Allegedly the original riots started due to a protest. I have no problem with peaceful protest, it can be a way of clearly standing up for moral beliefs. In order to protest you have to know what you actually standing up for and be able to justify it. In the case of the riots I doubt any of groups could. It’s fair to say this small group of mindless thugs may have no morals or regard for their community but how can you tarnish a whole nation with the same brush. I think images say more than words, and images like this give testament to the fact that in no way is England in a state of moral decline.…

    By Jack on 16.9.2023

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  • Yes people are losing their Britishness. The riots were a prime example of how everyone has lost their morals.

    By Ms Cornell on 16.9.2023

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