Motel Rocks: Fashion Fundamentals

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By Melita Kiely on 16.10.2023

Motel Rocks: Fashion Fundamentals

Any fashion conscious girl will undoubtedly have heard of the high street brand that is Motel Rocks. And for those that have not, well, I am about to enlighten you… Motel Rocks is one of those brands that magically manage to cater for the needs of even the most fickle of fashionistas; somewhere in your wardrobe, there is room for Motel Rocks. From feminine florals to more edgy cut out designs I can guarantee that this season Motel Rocks has something to offer you.


Stylish piece from Motel Rocks

This season Motel Rocks have revamped their classic bodycon style with a beautiful array of cherry blossom prints, perfectly styled for that transition from summer to autumn. And if bodycon dresses or floral patterns are not really to your taste, then you only need look a little further into their range to find the ideal dress to suit you, with bold, block colours and delicate embroidery detailing, strapless dresses, backless dresses, cut out designs, halter necks, shirt dresses, buttons, no buttons, the possibilities go on and on! Motel Rocks is known for mixing and matching colours together to create colour blocks on their dresses differing from charcoal grey palettes to brightly coloured hues to create dresses that stand out from the crowd.

Motel Rocks design their dresses to make women look and feel great about themselves, by not being overtly sexy, it is the attention to detail that makes them look so alluring. There are no embarrassingly high hems on their designs and no need to draw attention to bulging cleavages. The sexiness and feminine feel is created by the cut out squares around your waist that allow the eye to see just a fragment of skin and take notice of the curves that we, as women, should be proud of. It is the low rise backs to the dresses or the bold strap designs that again subtly highlight a woman’s body. It is the opaque material of the dress contrasted by the sheer, delicate material of the sleeves that allows just the woman’s shoulders to be seen. It is for this reason that Motel Rocks is such a fantastic fashion brand.

Another piece from the Motel Rocks collection

But dresses are by no means their limit; Motel Rocks do casual so very well too. They have a selection of jeans to suit every shape from bootleg to super skinny and there is no getting bored with the choice of colours. Choose from your typical denim shades or brighten up your look with burgundy wine or midnight blue. Remember the cherry blossom print I mentioned? Yes, it is also available.

And what better item of clothing to team those jeans with than some cosy knitwear? Gone are the days where woolly cardigans and knitted jumpers were considered somewhat of a granny style, today there is no way that you can wear chunky knitwear in the wrong fashion. Oversized or fitted, with full length or three quarter length sleeves, plain or patterned and in whatever colour you like; knitwear is back with a vengeance to get us through winter as the days start getting shorter and colder, and Motel Rocks’ collection is second to none. They are up there with the best in the chunky thermal stakes but their few sheer pieces are a beautiful alternative for something lighter to wear.

I could go on and on about all the accessories, swimwear, nail polish (Models Own), coats, bags and tights that Motel Rocks also has to offer. But, to find out more and browse the selection yourself visit or visit their blog


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