Brit Awards – Live Coverage

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By Charlie Baylis on 20.2.2024

Brit Awards – Live Coverage

Follow all the action from the Brits, minute-by-minute (ish) live from 7.45.

Watch this space for more details.

19.52: Sorry about the delay, I got caught behind the multi nominated Gary Barlow in the queue for the mens

19.56: A man just announced over a loudspeaker that “the Brit awards 2008 will begin very, very shortly”, Gary Barlow has just come out of the toilets

19.57: I hate the Hoosiers, why have they been nominated for anything? Missy Elliot has her own table, apparently Lulu is her guest (!)

20.00 Mika opens the show in sexy skinny jeans and a lovely green jacket, ‘Everybody’s gonna love today’ Its a fairly low key opening, its quite good though, depending on your high pitch/camp annoyance threshold


20.03 I like Beth Ditto, she’s phat, she’s duetting with Mika, standing in the way of control…

20.05 Oh no, its everyone’s worst presenting nightmare, the Osbornes, ‘it would be better if we had the Osmands says Luke Walter, I agree completely

20.07 The fattest (sorry phatest) man on the radio, Chris Moyles, is giving out the first award, he sounds very desperate, he’s giving out ‘best live act’

20.09 Take that win, I think the award most have been, most annoying live act, or worst, or most irrelevant, Gary Barlow thanks loads of people no one cares about

20.11 How long is this acceptance speech? Bunch of idiots, I did however like them before they reformed

20.13 Its little miss sunshine, Rihanna, performing with the Klaxons, it’s rather disappointing, come on Jamie Reynolds, funk it up!

20.16 Fearne Cotton is talking to Take That, fascinating, or is it? Fern Cotton is looking sexy, as ever…

20.17 Three of the five best single nominees are complete rubbish, personally I want Mark Ronsen and Amy Wino to win

20.23 Bland balladeer, Adele, wins the critics choice award, gay heartthrob Will Young presentes her the award, the audience scream

20.26 It’s now the British Breakthrough award, the nominees are Bat For Lashes, Kate Nash, Klaxons, Leona Lewis, Mika. (Winner chosen by BBC Radio 1 listeners)

20.29 Mika wins, no surprises..

20.33 Kylie has just performed, it was camper than will young, Fearne Cotton is now shouting obnoxiously at Adele and Mika, she’s the most inane interviewer ever

20.41 Kanye West wins best international male, he’s talking about how he doesn’t like humility, I think Tom Christian should have won

20.42 Is Sharon Osbourne on drugs? Or is she just nervous, she keeps messing her lines up, Mark Ronson wins best British male, he’s actually American, does no one else know that?

20.45 the Kaiser Chiefs are on, Ozzy Osbourne is out of it, South Africa’s most famous football team play Ruby, which is surely not a 2008 song, I’ve heard it about 1000 times before, it hasn’t got an better

20.50 The Kaiser’s are apparently giving up the ghost after the next album, joy!

20.56 Dr who, David Tennant, is giving the award for best international female

20.58 Kylie wins, her red carpet walk goes on forever

21.04 ‘Bleeding Hell’ Leona Lewis gives a stunning performance, oh, bleeding love, sorry, that was bad, I apologize

21.06 Best international group goes to the Foo Fighters, that’s a surprise, their last album was awful

21.08 Best British female is between Bat For Lashes, Kate Nash, KT Tunstall, Leona Lewis, PJ Harvey, some vacuous idiot is presenting

21.09 Kate Nash wins her second award (lets face it Adele is basically Kate Nash on downers) that makes it another win for the brit school,

21.11 International Album is between the usual assortment of dross plus Kings of Leon and Arcade Fire

21.13 Foo Fighters win, the question is why?

21.14 Britain’s most overworked and overplayed re-mixer Mark Ronson and Adele are on stage


21.17 The best performance of the night, I love Amy, so so so much, finally it feels the Brit Awards are alive

21.24 wow, a big name, Ian Mackellen, is presenting Best British band…

21.26 Hey, hey, its the Monkeys, Take that look like they’re crying, Gary Barlow retreats to the toilets

21.27 Four fox hunters, the Arctic Monkeys, kitted out toe to top in tweed, collect the best British group, Kelly Osbourne’s ‘dear friend’ Amy Winehouse is on stage., love is a losing game, just ask my ex…

21.30 Alan Carr, comedy genius, is announcing best British single, oh my god no, the hoosiers. …please no

21.32 Take That emerge from the doldrums, they’ve got two awards now, they’ve won for their latest piece of recycled garbage, was it called shine, more importantly, does anyone care?

21.35 The guardian blog is 15 mins behind, I think Ms Swash is pissed. Sharon Osbourne calls Vic Reeves a ‘Pisshead’ hilarious!

21.37 Sharon Osbourne has added ‘Bastard’ to her insults for the pompous comedian Vic Reeves, an interesting bit drama.

21.28 Arctic Monkeys win best album and deservedly so, they’re the only award winner I have on my itunes,

21.41. I’ve just had a heart attack, apparently over 400 people are reading this, what wrong with you people,? it’s Jack Bowman’s birthday tonight, you should all be in the Venue getting drunk with UKC’s biggest darling

21.43 It’s Macca!!!!

21.44 No it’s not, its just that brummie twit Ozzie messing his lines up, he’ll be on stage in a moment..

21.45 Kylie will be giving Sir Paul his award

21.46 Macca does his traditional ‘waaaooo’, he gives a brief speech, I think we’re nearly over

21.50 Goodnight from the Osbournes, what a bunch of weirdos, Sir Paul’s got his lute out for the last number, I think its called Dance Tonight, or something like that, is a bit dull really, but what do you expect, this is the dullest show on Earth..

21.51 ooooh, excitement, Paul is rocking out to Live and Let Die, Guns and Roses cover version style, the medley continues with Hey Jude, I know I’m meant to be cynical being a blogger but this is actually rather heartwarming..

21.56 Sob,sob…in another news, if you’re interested Arsenal and Man U have both drawn tonight, 0-0 and 1-1 respectively

21.58 The mighty Celtic have lost in Glasgow, Barca pulled it back from 2-1 down, my housemate Pat will be disappointed…Hey Jude finishes with a big old fashioned sing a long, well its all be rather bland drunken stuff, my personal highlights were Sharon swearing at Vic Reeves and Klaxons Rihanna, twas a shame Jamie’s boys didn’t win anything.

22.00 Thanks for logging on everyone, I hope you enjoyed it, but I expect all the inQuire is rubbish messages in my inbox tomorrow, in the mean time why not check out Augustine Lofts review of Joe Lean and the Jing Jang Jong, it’s ace!


  • much better than the guardians, amusingly so.

    By jamie on 20.2.2024

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  • Take That seem to have forgotten they are supposed to be funny and entertaining, not all serious and listy.

    By Katie on 20.2.2024

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  • See I was loving your live blog, funnier than the Guardian version (where’s Anna?) but you kinda lost me when you called Fearne Cotton sexy. Sexy? Skinny and blonde =/= sexy. She’s shit!

    By Cynical Northerner on 20.2.2024

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  • Here are the nominations:

    British male solo artist: Jamie T, Mark Ronson, Mika, Newton Faulkner, Richard Hawley.

    British female solo artist: Bat For Lashes, Kate Nash, KT Tunstall, Leona Lewis, PJ Harvey.

    British group: Arctic Monkeys, Editors, Girls Aloud, Kaiser Chiefs, Take That.

    British album: Arctic Monkeys – Favourite Worst Nightmare, Leona Lewis – Spirit, Mark Ronson – Version, Mika – Life In Cartoon Motion, Take That – Beautiful World.

    British breakthrough act: Bat For Lashes, Kate Nash, Klaxons, Leona Lewis, Mika. (Winner chosen by BBC Radio 1 listeners)

    British live act: Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs, Klaxons, Muse, Take That. (Winner chosen by BBC Radio 2 listeners)

    British single: Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love, Mika – Grace Kelly, Take That – Shine, Mark Ronson Ft Amy Winehouse – Valerie, The Hoosiers – Worried About Ray (A live public vote will decide the winner on the night)

    International male solo artist: Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West, Michael Buble, Rufus Wainwright, Timbaland.

    International female solo artist: Alicia Keys, Bjork, Feist, Kylie Minogue, Rihanna.

    International group: Arcade Fire, Eagles, Foo Fighters, Kings of Leon, White Stripes.

    International album: Arcade Fire – Neon Bible, Eagles – Long Road Out Of Eden, Foo Fighters – Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace, Kings of Leon – Because Of The Times, Kylie Minogue – X.

    Critics’ Choice Award: Adele

    Outstanding contribution to music: Sir Paul McCartney

    By Anonymous on 20.2.2024

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