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By Augustine Lofts on 21.2.2024

Single Review – Late of the Pier – Bears Are Coming

What the hell? What is this? What are these four unruly teenager heartthrobs doing to music? With their jungle drums, their out of tune casio keyboards, their mental synth breakdowns and their crazed Beatles esque chanting, whatever happened to my rock and roll?

Bears are Coming isn’t a normal song, but then Late of the Pier are not a normal band. The young quartet erupted straight outta Nottingham last year, sounding like nothing that has come before them, BaC is not half as mighty as their first single, Bathroom Gurgle, but it still packs a knockout punch, a very catchy piece of madness, do catch them on tour as if Late of the Pier are one thing, they’re a mesmerizing live band.

Out on March 3rd


  • Really, really weird. Initially I enjoyed the beat but the novelty wore off.

    Although, Late of the Pier should be commended for trying to take music into a completely new direction.

    By George Berry on 21.2.2024

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