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By Mary Oshinbolu on 12.11.2023

‘In Time’- movie of the moment?

‘In Time’ was released on the 1st of November this year. Its protagonists are Will Salas (Justin Timberlake) and Sylvia Weis (Amanda Seyfried). Will Salas is from a working class background while Sylvia Weis is a lot richer.

Cast into the category of a sci-fi, thriller and action, the movies not only aptly entertains it’s audience but educates them at the same time, not in a condescending way of course. It does so by reminding us of the differences between the rich and the poor and how life threatening poverty is.

In the opening scene, we are transported to a time zone that is dingy, grimy and grotty. A standard sized cup of plain coffee can cost up to 4 minutes of your time. That’s right, the currency is not an internationally recognized piece of paper with some relevant person’s head stuck on it, no.It is time.

The poor are depicted as being over worked for the precious little time that they earn; some are even short changed or in other words- short timed.

The cinematography constantly reminds of the imminent danger that these factory workers are in, by the constant focusing on the state of art watches which the workers sport. It is also through these watches that we know their life expectancy at any given time. On a lighter note, the usual stuffing and trimmings added to any block buster thriller/ action such as those added, especially in relation to cinematography and special effects ,in this movie do not fail to impress.

The sheer ease at which the female protagonist, Sylvia glides through life is juxtaposed by the brashness and haste that the male protagonist, Will, goes through under the duress of trying to extend his life expectancy past just half an hour. The turning point in the narrative, and as a result the beginning of the conflict is when Will Salas is given more time than he has ever seen in his life time. The audience is made to hope that he truly makes it in time to save his life and the life of many others.


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