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By Anne Wabeke on 15.11.2023


Agora (2009), directed by Alejandro Amenábar and featuring Rachel Weisz, Max Mingella and Oscar Isaac, tells the story of the female philosopher Hypatia who lived in the 4th century AD in Alexandria.

She was respected by many for her knowledge of astronomy, mathematics and philosophy. But as soon as the Christians gain political power, things start to change. Hypatia and her students fight within the walls of the Library of Alexandria for the preservation of wisdom and ancient civilization.

Her slave Davus, who is secretly in love with her chooses the side of the Christians and freedom. Questions about the astrological system are central in this movie and images within the city of Alexandria are being alternated with images of our universe.

It’s such a shame that due to expensive decors and a shortage in sponsors, this movie didn’t have a budget big enough to pay for a wide publication. Agora with its beautiful images, story and incredible performance by Rachel Weisz as Hypatia is definitely worth being seen on a big screen.


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