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By William Smith on 23.2.2024


I’ve been listening to music, as is my want.

Craze – ‘Fabriclive 38’

I haven’t even finished listening to this mix and I’d recommend it to anyone. Craze has cherry-picked the best of both cutting-edge and classic rap, hip-hop and dance to craft an irresistible party soundtrack. It’s a perfect introduction to the filthy, bass-laden sounds defining the Baltimore and Miami club scenes.

The mash-ups were meant to be, the transitions are seamless and the scratching is spot-on. I usually HATE scratching. Frankly, you shouldn’t need this much persuasion to buy a CD featuring both the ‘Miami Vice’ theme and a song called ‘Ho Fo Sho’…

John Maus

John Maus is about as far away from “the filthy, bass-laden sounds defining the Baltimore and Miami club scenes” as one could get. In fact, his deadpan, 80’s-informed dirges would clear a dancefloor faster than a rabid puma.

The man revels in his abysmal press. His MySpace page gleefully brings to your attention Vice commenting “Maus spent five years working on this album (his first, ‘Songs’), which is a shame because its awful.”, Drowned In Sound likening his vocal to “a man crapping out of his mouth” and, my personal favourite, Another Zine spluttering “If it is supposed to be funny, it is not. If it is meant seriously, then Maus needs some SERIOUS help.”

His song ‘Don’t Be A Body’ had me crying with laughter. Sitting in my room, on my own, crying with laughter. I’m going to buy both his albums.


  • Start a freakin’ blog you cad. Get on it.

    By Tony Harrison on 23.2.2024

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