Lana Del Rey to Release ‘Blue Jeans’

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By Mary Oshinbolu on 18.1.2024

Lana Del Rey to Release ‘Blue Jeans’

Elizabeth Grant, whose stage name is Lana Del Rey, is an American singer-songwriter. She is to release her debut album on the 27th of January 2012.

Her single ‘Blue Jeans’ created the portent for the rest of her album entitled ‘Born to Die’, which is that of mischief, charisma, renegade and type of toughness of which the edges have been made soft by her sumptuous voice and hyper inflated femininity.

Whilst most songs found floating around the internet, which do not necessarily constitute this album, may sink you into a type of unwanted depression, the album ‘Blue Jeans’ , groups together a collection of songs that piece together not only the personality of Lana Del Rey, but your mood on any given day of the week- well for most of you anyway.

‘Born the Die’ is the next single to be released on the album and infuses just as much drama and exaggeration as the title suggests.


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