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By Claire Louise Wallis on 25.2.2024


From the same director of the Bourne, Mr and Mrs Smith and Heist films, Jumper is an action packed movie, not to be missed. This film is about a boy who learns he can ‘jump’, but this isn’t just any kind of jumping, he is jumping, or teleporting anywhere in the world as soon as he imagines it. From a street in New York, to on top of a pyramid in Egypt. David, played by Hayden Christensen, is this boy.

For David jumping is like a game, or a non stop holiday, he is robbing banks and jumping all over the world as he pleases. David soon meets Griffin, Jamie Bell, also a ‘jumper’ who is a more of a rogue. He learns that he is in war against a group of people who are out to kill ‘jumpers’ lead by Roland (Samuel L. Jackson). Griffin and David fight to stay alive. Whilst trying to deal with all this, David is also attempting to impress his highschool girlfriend Millie (Rachel Bilson) and keep his powers secret from her.

Jumper is based on the successful books by Steven Gould, after a brief flashback to David’s childhood the film jumps straight into the action. The effects are excellent, in fact they almost make the film, however this film is in a way a jump to far, as it has a fair amount of flaws. As you’re starting to get the hang of this world that Linman has created, it ends abruptly, leaving questions unanswered. Once more, it doesn’t really live up to the original books which are darker and have far more character-development. In the film the actual concept of jumping is barely explained. There is also a weak and slightly pointless back story of David’s relationship with his mother. Jamie Bell is the stand-out character of the film, infusing some life and fun into the movie that seems to place action and special effects above character and believabilty. The ending is disappointing and you can’t help but leave the film wanting more, not in a positive way, but rather unsatisfied.

Visually this film is excellent, with extravagant effects and stunning locations, however its flaws drag it down too much. The short running time packs in all the thrills expected of an action film, but leaves the characters unexplored, and also the concept of the emptiness of a life filled by instant pleasure. Though worth seeing for a little light escapism, the unanswered questions will niggle away in your mind for a while after leaving the film.


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