Single Review – Lenny Kravitz – I’ll Be Waiting

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By George Berry on 27.2.2024

Single Review – Lenny Kravitz – I’ll Be Waiting

Oh Lenny, where did it all go so wrong? You gave us all tickets to the rock apocalypse with your immense tune “Are You Gonna Go My Way” and captured us all as we waited with baited breath for your next offering of raw guitar passion. And it never came.

Unfortunately for us, “I’ll be Waiting” is no different from Kravitz’s run of the mill pop offerings after his peak and leaves me wanting, solely because this mediocre single never starts giving. The vocals are about as suited to a love song as South Park at a Sunday School. The guitar is tedious, slow and just plain dull, along with a piano forced in for the authentic love song feel. Lenny tries to kick it up a notch with a few strings but it does absolutely nothing for the song.

Please Lenny, just give it up and go back to rock. You may still be waiting, but I can’t guarantee I will.

Released 25th February


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