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By Ali Martin on 15.2.2024

Unfortunately, he’s not kidding

Newt Gingrich is clearly confused about which race he is campaigning for. The world thinks he’s running as a Republican candidate for president of the United States. He thinks he’s running for Miss America. Why? Because only Miss America can make ridiculous promises that everyone knows she can’t keep and still come out looking like a sane human being. She doesn’t represent the whole country politically for four years and negotiate trade, defence, and fiscal policies with other countries. Miss America can say the most outlandish things to get attention and it looks like Gingrich is taking the same approach when it comes to the presidential elections.

Just before the Florida primary election on 31 January, Gingrich announced to a crowd at a campaign rally that during his second term in office, he would be colonizing the moon. Yes, that large rock floating around the Earth, that one. Once 13,000 people live there, he continued, then the moon colony could apply for statehood, and Old Glory could get another star sewn on it.

There are two things very wrong with this statement. First, Gingrich is already planning his second term, which means he’s so arrogant that he automatically believes that he will beat Mitt Romney and the other Republican candidates, then beat President Obama in November and then be successful enough in his first term that people will re-elect him for a third. That’s like going on a first date with a guy who starts sentences with, ‘Well when we’re married…’ You’re barely even sure if you like the wine let alone the guy, and it’s statements like that which tell you no, you do not want to go as far as appetizers with this guy.

The second and more obvious is the ludicrous idea of colonizing the moon. Don’t get me wrong, it would be pretty cool to live on the moon, assuming we could work out the lack of oxygen, water and farming soil problem up there, but this is exactly what got us into this financial mess in the first place. Aside from the business and banking aspect, people simply weren’t being careful with their money. This would the equivalent of the U.S. building a home that it already knows it cannot afford.

Earth may seem a bit dated to Gingrich, but isn’t there enough stuff to do here anyway? Primary and secondary schools are closing across the U.S., mostly in the urban and inner city areas and teachers are either losing their jobs or taking on workloads that usually two teachers do. Hybrid and electric cars are slowly gaining some serious momentum, but electric cars are not at all practical for a family or anyone who has to drive for more than an hour. The oil won’t last forever. Why not throw some money at these problems first before we go starting any more, particularly ones more than a five hour plane ride away?

Sure, this is all hilarious, but when you think about it, what’s really hilarious is that this guy is trying to run for president. The Head of State in any country is a reflection of the people. Americans already don’t have the best reputation in the world. Gingrich would only make it worse. This is the person that other presidents and prime ministers will have to negotiate with, which is pretty hard to do if they don’t even respect him. Gingrich would be laughed out of every country. The man’s left two wives, one had cancer and the other had MS, and he also indirectly referred to Spanish as the language of the ghetto in a speech on March 31, 2007, to the National Federation of Republican Women.

A least Miss America tries to love everybody.


  • As you said, it is laughable, since the U.S. government is 14 trillion in debt, with an overeachign foreign policy as it is. However, the key point is that this is actually absured because it involves more government and less independence. It was the federal government sticking its noses in education with No Child Left Behind (2001) which has made education worse in the first place. The true answer, when looking at the big picture of this all, is to just let people spend their money themselves and stop allowing the government to tell them how to do it with an artifical currency!

    By Anonymous on 15.2.2024

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