Varsity: Second Team Netball

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By Francesca Plom on 15.3.2024

Varsity: Second Team Netball

University of Kent 2nd team 26 – 20 Canterbury Christchurch University 2nd team

University of Kent 2nds took on CCCU 2nds at Kent University Sports Centre on 7th March. This year’s team had big shoes to fill as Kent’s 2nd team had never lost a varsity match, but with a player down with mumps, a rearranged team, and a shaky BUCS season behind them, the pressure was really on.

Photo courtesy of Sam Allard.

However this bad luck was outweighed by the team’s determination to win which showed the second the match began. The Kent girls went out hard taking the ball straight from first centre pass to goal and turning over CCCU’s first centre pass to make it 2-0 in under 3 minutes. This spirit continued throughout the game as Kent dominated ensuring a 6-goal difference between the teams throughout the game which CCCU could not break.

Photo courtesy of Sam Allard.

Despite the off-court commotion due to CCCU supporters, the Kent girls stayed focused throughout the 3 quarters, intercepting CCCU’s passes, taking the ball up court without trouble and shooting with precision. The last quarters proved to be a little more dramatic as tiredness took it’s toll and the Kent girls began to get complacent and yet they maintained a substantial goal difference culminating in a 26-20 win for the Kent 2nd team.

Photos courtesy of Sam Allard.


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