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By website-features on 17.4.2023

Awaken Ibiza

Stressing out revising for upcoming exams and outstanding essays? Counting down the days to the summer? Looking for something to do that will make all the hard work you’ve put into the last year worth it? Then Awaken Ibiza is for you!

Awaken Ibiza is the ultimate experience in the clubbing capital of the world. For a ridiculously cheap price you get accommodation in one of the liveliest hotels in Ibiza, entry to the worlds best Superclubs watching the world’s biggest DJs play, Boat Parties, Pool Parties, Pre Parties and so much more, all with thousands of like-minded Party People.

There are three possible trips to choose from:

1. Wednesday 13th of June – Sunday 17th of June for £149.99.

2. Sunday 17th of June – Wednesday 21st of June for £149.99.

3. Ultimate Awaken for only £279.99 a combination of the above two trips.

The Awaken Ibiza hotel is the party hotel of Ibiza. With a constant lively atmosphere, non-stop partying at the pool in the best possible location, this is a hotel for both first timers and seasoned veterans of Ibiza to enjoy. It is located in central San Antonio, approximately 150 metres from the beach and a stone’s throw away from superclubs Eden and Es Paradis, the famous strip of bars called affectionately as the west end and the world famous Sunset Strip. The hotel is in a prime location on the island where you will be surrounded by hundreds of like-minded partygoers! We will be taking over the hotel for the time that we are there – most of the people you see in the hotel will be a part of Awaken Ibiza!

For more information and to book your best summer yet, click here.


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