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By Shauna Tay on 18.5.2023

UKC Capoeira Club Looking Forward to the Batizado

The University of Kent’s Capoeira Sports Club will be involved in Instructor Madeira Muzenza’s 9th Batizado in Canterbury this weekend, with events planned to showcase exactly what the club gets up to.

Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art that incorporates both dance and music – making it absolutely unique.

The Batizado is the event where masters and instructors from across the world come together for their students to receive their first belts, or next belts depending on their progression. It could be seen as the culmination of what club members have worked towards and is a big moment for the club.

The main event, the Batizado, is on Sunday 20th May and is open for anyone to attend from 5-8pm in the Aphra studio. As this is a weekend-long event, the group will be performing on Canterbury high street near Westgate at 3.30pm the day before too – on Saturday 19th May – as well as outside The Venue at 6pm.

The performances will be packed full of energy, enthusiasm and music so come watch and be a part of the powerful energy of Capoeira!


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