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By Rory White on 18.3.2024

Kent Fashion Show

Eliot dining hall was host to Kent University’s second annual fashion show on Saturday 15th March, which promised to be ‘the biggest event at Kent this year’ – which in all truth it had the potential to be. Nineteen models took to the stage with an enthusiasm that begged for a greater audience, but in truth was wasted on groups of friends cheering individuals. One could see the work had been put in, with the intention of putting on a great show. The dining hall itself was totally transformed, an undoubtedly expensive assortment of technology all focused towards an encompassing stage made professional under superb lighting.

Having been in the company of those involved in the show prior to its performance, their tireless efforts shone through as they worked into the night to bring their brilliantly choreographed routine to the audience. Lia Harvard, who was involved in the show, expressed her feelings about the evening: “It was definitely one of the best and most exciting experiences I’ve had at University; I met so many new people. The society is not about promoting size zero models; it’s about anyone, any size with confidence and a passion for fashion.”

With examples from Burton, Miss Selfridge, Republic and Punky Fish, the audience was treated to a range of clothing from formal to casual, everyday to raunchy bedroom attire. BHS and JJB also featured, with a Pyjama range and sporting wear one can only assume was aimed at Granny and London Road Estate audiences. However, amid the altogether impressive modelling performances, unfortunately the models left time for the hosts to try and waste the time it took for them to get changed. Having been invited in from CSR radio, the duo presented an often stilted and cringing amalgam of unplanned errors.

Overall the Fashion show did not do exactly what it said on the tin. Having built itself up to be the biggest event of the year, the effort for this claim was definitely put in, but a disappointing turnout told otherwise. Looking beyond this, the attitude from those involved was fantastic, with a no expenses spared set, and a clothing selection that definitely lived up to the event’s promise. Furthermore, there was a professionalism about the performance that was commendable considering the budget and students working in their own time. Hopefully, with a more polished host act and bigger and better promotion, next year’s fashion show could definitely achieve its desired status.


  • This is true. The Elections affected alot of the publicity. And those hosts…people didn’t know about them until the day of, so it’s not like the had a choice of who it was….

    By Anonymous on 27.3.2024

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  • To be honest, the criticism of the promotion is quite harsh given that the organisers had gone all out to promote this event. They had a trailer, CSR, posters, but there was one event that did aptly affect all that, this being the Elections.

    If it wasn’t for Kent Union helping with promoting the event in the final week then the turnout would have been very poor, especially given most of the posters were taken down or covered through campaign teams.

    By Anonymous on 26.3.2024

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