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By Julie Peppiatt on 14.9.2023

Mumford & Sons to release new album: ‘Babel’

Despite the fact that I consider myself an avid fan of Mumford and Sons, I know very little about them. Although I know the lyrics to every song and which intro is going to follow each track on the album (as all avid fans do) there is little information I know about the band’s past. Despite intense googling sessions and multiple subscriptions to social feeds for this review, there is little more I now know. As individuals, they are solely instruments that create music for us to enjoy, and that is something of a rarity. It is a tribute to their musical talent.

Mumford and Sons are respected and admired on the basis of their talent alone. Their impeccable lyrical genius coupled with harmonic melodies is a clear combination for success; success in a completely innovative form. Take a listen to ‘White Blank Page’ another track that could have easily been released as a single. A haunting voice, questioning mans’ sincerity in a relationship. Typical of Mumford and Sons’ style, this song has real depth; a message of gritty realism and pain echoing in the vocals; yet despite this, there is no melancholic tone. A hearty, folk, Irish soul created by a multitude of string instruments and a purposeful bass line lifts the music to fashion pace and joviality. Mumford and Sons demonstrate that they have been through it all, but uniquely, using well-timed silences and a swaying percussion line enables them to become a comforter and listener for you. You are not their agony aunt – they are yours.
This album will become your go-to album; happy, sad, questioning or otherwise, anything can be found in the voice of Marcus Mumford. ‘Sigh No More’, Mumford and Sons’ first album, is an album of consistency. Every song creates a ‘live performance’ feeling, with harmonies that will make you swoon and tracks for celebration or heartache; this really is the album for everyone.

On the 24th of September Mumford and Sons new album will be released under the name of ‘Babel’. There is no doubt that Mumford and Sons will bring us enlightenment from our own ‘noisy confusion’ in their next twelve tracks. In their own words, this second album is ‘more exposed, more naked’. They remain honest which brings about a clean and wholesome feel to their music that is inspiring. Mumford and Sons provide the words that we cannot find for ourselves, ‘I Will Wait’ is an example of this, a single released as a teaser for the impending album. It does not disappoint. I suggest you pre-order their album now, another ten days is too long to wait!


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