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By website-features on 18.9.2023

ABACUS Society

ABACUS stands for ‘The Association of British and Chinese University Students’. Our society is open to all and dedicated to those who are interested in Chinese culture. Our aim is to improve relationships between multicultural ethnic backgrounds and simply making University life a great experience with many unforgettable memories.

If you fancy meeting new people and socialising in a relaxed environment, we organise frequent social events that have been a great success. These include open-bar Karaoke, games nights, treasure hunts, seasonal get-together meals and many more.

Karaoke has been one of the most popular events amongst our members. It is an evening out of the ordinary, a chance to let loose and meet new friends. Transportation to and from the karaoke venue is provided, as well as snacks and unlimited drinks. A guaranteed great night!

Our games night is also an event not to miss. This is a chilled out event where we get together and play various games such as Mahjong, games consoles, twister and many more. We provide drinks and snacks and people can order pizza and takeaways. Generally a very enjoyable and casual evening where anyone can just come and go as they please. Even if you can’t make it you can just pop in to say hi!

Being a part of ABACUS entitles you to exclusive discounts at local restaurants.

We all seem to share a common interest in food and this is why we like to eat out together and just enjoy ourselves.

Relaxing and having a great time is what we do best!

We also have a football team – ABACUS FC, if you love playing football for fun, join us!

If you want to get involved, contact:

Synthia Sc482@kent.ac.uk or like us on Facebook: UKC ABACUS


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