Sainsbury’s cake tests positive for explosives at airport

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By Melissa East on 9.10.2023

Sainsbury’s cake tests positive for explosives at airport

A Wiggles the Caterpillar cake bought from Sainsburys by a father for his son, unexpectedly tested positive for explosives at Stansted Airport.

41-year old Justin Barrett was on his way to join his wife and children in Spain, who had flown out a week earlier, and had bought the cake as a birthday surprise for his 8-year old son.

Barrett, from Meopham, Kent, said: ‘I’d had the cake in my hand luggage and customs asked to check inside after it had passed through the x-ray machine. Everything was tested but it was just the cake box that was testing positive for traces of explosives.’

Customs reported that the cake’s packaging had traces of acetate, which when applied on some packaging can appear positive for explosives.

A spokesperson for Sainsburys has said: ‘This is the first time we have heard of this kind of thing happening and we are investigating it. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience this caused to our customer.’


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