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By Cambel McLaughlin on 9.10.2023

Kent Live music blog: The Attic and Woody’s

Thursday 4/10 – The Attic
The Struts

As a first year, my first experience of UKC’s live music venue was excellent. An excitable vibe ran through the venue as The Struts came on. Hailing all the way from Derbyshire, the singer, Luke Spiller owned the stage with his Keith Richards-esque dancing and vocals. The energetic band behind him well reflected this energy dishing out anthemic rock songs tinged with a vintage feel. Their self-confidence as well as their mix of 80’s punk inspired riffs created an electric atmosphere as they rocked the stage. The Struts are one to look out for.
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The Milk
The final band of the night however were something special. The Milk featured a magical blend of soul, R&B and rock. Hitting YouTube views in the several hundred thousands, it wasn’t hard to understand why. The band, from Essex, kicked off their set with their song Broke up the Family off their new album Tales From the Thames Delta. It featured groovy guitar riffs balanced with soothing vocal harmonies, inspired by R&B bands. Another stand out song, Hometown, was well structured to support the soulful qualities of singer, Rick Nunn, and the ambitious- but well done- rhythms of the band. The drummer, Mitch Ayling, throughout the set played tight grooves remniscient of Maroon 5 as well as multi-tasking with a percussion pad to add transitory and electronic effects. The singers voice owned the stage during the song B-Roads, where his Adam Levine- like voice captured the Attic. They even managed to feature small segments of club tunes such as Ni**** in Paris to keep the set fresh. The Milk are a definite must see.
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Friday 5/10- Woody’s
Rebecca Vaughn

Woody’s, a comfortable venue perfectly suited for acoustic music, was greeted by the youthful presence of the night’s first guitar-weilding artist, Rebecca Vaughn. A second year studying English and Creative Writing, her knowledge of poetry paid off well in her inclusion of poetic but subtle lyrics in her song, Manifestation. A song, she remarks, which was ‘written about a boy’. It rides on one gentle chord, contrasting with her next song, Picasso. This featured a darker selection of chords and the song ultimately had a regretful tone, artistically emphasised by the shortness of the song. The smokiness of Rebecca’s voice reminded of Nora Jones, and was a lovely accompaniment to the relaxed vibe of Woody’s.

Ben Fellows
Ben, a 3rd year studying war studies strummed catchy toe-tapping chords, whilst singing his tales of youth. ‘Here we are again, pretending we are friends.’ he sung in his first song When The Sun Sinks Low. Later in his set the pub cheered as he played excellent covers of Jimmy Eat World and The Gaslight Anthem songs. His sweet, sliding guitar riffs had great energy and Ben played a great show.

Overall UKC has got plenty to offer when it comes to promoting local talent, and it seems talent from afar wants to come to Kent! Check out The Attic every Thursday at 8pm and don’t forget Woody’s every Friday at 8pm- 11. See you there!


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