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By Fiona Bevans on 27.3.2024

Food Review – Origins

Being a student, it’s not hard to find yourself regularly out of cash and therefore out of food but this does not mean you have to resort to those 8p super noodles! Rather Origins offers enjoyable food at decent prices.

A Mexican based food bar on campus, it offers a wide range of dishes to choose from such as Chicken Fajita’s, at the top of the price range, costing £5.10 to a chicken Tortilla wrap costing only £3.80. Usually when I go to origin’s I order the chicken tortilla wrap or the Pork Albondigas however this time I opted for the chicken fajitas. Only ten minutes after ordering, the fajitas arrived, a sizzling selection of chicken, peppers, three dips and three tortilla wraps. Personally I found the chicken a tad too spicy however the sour cream and guacamole softened the flavour.

The portion is reasonably large for its price as is the majority of the food. Origins also has a special’s menu whereby the meals for the day are shown on a screen so not satisfied with the original menu, do not fear there are other options. Although it may not be the best choice for vegetarians, Origins still provides options such as Vegetable Fajitas and Spinach and Mushroom Enchiladas.

Desserts include: Dessert Nachos which are home made cinnamon tortilla chips served with nuts and ice cream, Origins Chocolate Fondue and Chocolate Fudge Cake. The chocolate fondue is a favorite with the students. At £7.50 it may seem a high price to pay however, it is big enough to share and provides a fusion of flavours with its marshmallows, strawberries, bananas and wafer curls dipped in milk chocolate.

Overall for the price you pay Origins provides a good service for a campus bar. If you’re looking for a night off from cooking and fancy a quick, satisfying, meal then Origins is the food bar for you.


  • I love origins so, so much. Ruby Tuesdays gets a bit tiresome but thats for another day. Good work on the article, I really hope to see more from you.

    Next week me and my friends are doing the ‘Origins Challenge’, a double origins burger with every filling, a portion of fries and then a cake after it. Thats dedication for ya.

    By George Berry on 28.3.2024

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