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By Krystle Appiah on 24.10.2023

Mysterious ‘ghost’ recorded on CCTV at Ashford printing company

Managers at the banner printing company, SMP Large Format, first noticed the glowing sphere on their CCTV in early October 2012. The footage which is less than a minute is available on youtube, shows a bright orb moving across the screen and increasing in size and luminosity before disappearing out of shot.

Since the sighting of the ‘phantom’, workers at the banner printing company have said are now aware of a “spooky presence” watching them. There have also been reports of tools being moved when no one else was around. The production manager Nick Henry said that, “one of them even got trapped”, when a heavy piece of equipment moved to block an exit. There was no one else around and employees at the firm have now expressed fear at being left alone.

This Ashford printing company is not the only place that supposedly witnessed supernatural sightings. Similar ‘sightings’ have been spotted all over Kent, as well as in other parts of the UK. Pluckley, 5 miles west of Ashford is thought to be the most haunted village in Britain. However its ‘ghosts’ mostly take human form, and there have been several sightings of possibly 13 or 14 different ghosts.


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