Canterbury’s Hidden Gems: The Chocolate Cafe

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By Charlotte Duff on 21.11.2023

Canterbury’s Hidden Gems: The Chocolate Cafe

This hidden gem isn’t quite so hidden. In fact, it’s just past the cathedral. Pop in for a warming (you guessed it) hot chocolate, or sample the many other chocolate delights on offer…


1 Guildhall Street. If you walk past the cathedral, the chocolate cafe is just behind La Trappiste and opposite Caffe Venezia.


The Chocolate Cafe is a quaint and charming place; its more than your typical coffee house though. They offer Chinese flower and herbal teas, delicious desserts, individual chocolates and even a decadent breakfast of porridge with chocolate and vanilla ice cream. This might not be your usual student hangout, but that’s what makes this place special.


Go for the scenery alone. The second floor of the chocolate cafe offers a beautiful view of the cathedral. The cafe is open until late, so definitely go when it’s dark and the cathedral is that more striking. It is also beautifully decorated with elegant china teapots that serve as lights hanging from the ceiling. Of course, though, go for the chocolate. The cup of melted chocolate is to die for. There are other delicacies on offer too; the warm cheesecake is delicious- or if you’re feeling particularly daring, try a blue cheese and walnut chocolate. The chocolate cafe also offers a selection of red, white and sparkling wines, and if you’re really splashing out, champagne. To accompany these, they also offer ‘Bites with Wine’, which includes freshly baked bread with extras such as mozzarella, olives, prosciutto or sundried tomatoes. So, even if you’re not a chocoholic (like me), you can still go and experience all that the chocolate cafe has to offer.


That divine cup of chocolate I mentioned earlier is £3.80. This might seem expensive; but believe me, it is so worth it. Otherwise, a coffee, hot chocolate or cup of tea is the usual price of £2.10. The cakes are £3.50 per slice and their delicious muffins with dipping sauce are £2.40.


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