Film Review – Kung Fu Panda

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By George Berry on 5.7.2023

Film Review – Kung Fu Panda

The first I heard about this new movie was while I was at the convention in the Wembley arena. I played the game, I thought it was cack, I moved on. However here I sit, in the inQuire office, literally buzzing after watching one of the best animated films I have ever seen.

Shove your ‘Ghost in the Shell’ and most of all, shove your ‘Finding Nemo’. Kung Fu Panda is quality, there is something to love for everyone. You should probably jump from this page to your local cinema’s homepage to get the times.

If you even got this far before you jumped to the times, then I am flattered, because as I said, there is literally something for everyone. For the guys, countless references to old-school kung fu movies, and some pretty good action scenes, surprising for a Dreamworks outing. For the ladies, Jack Black being himself, the lovable bastard. Needless to say, the kids will love slipping into a coma induced by flashing lights and ‘wacky’ voices.

The story is the usual dream coming to reality, the day being saved from the clutches of apparently insurmountable evil, but this still serves as a charming vessel for the characters which are all compelling and absorbing. I would say believable if I hadn’t just witnessed an obese panda kick the living daylights out of the supposed devil himself.

The animation is beautiful, and the jokes are, although a little blatant, enough to get a chuckle. Dreamworks has done a cracking job here, and should be recognized for doing so.

Now go watch, kids.


  • I just don’t know how many more endless Dreamworks animation films I can sit through. Surely they have now done one about every animal and object in existance?

    By website-editor on 7.7.2023

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