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By George Berry on 17.7.2023

East Kent Rape Line

I’m afraid I’m going to have to holster my relentless arrogance for a topic more important than my swelling ego.

Never an easy topic to breach seriously, and perhaps joked about too much by the ignorant, rape is a very serious issue. Sounds a bit obvious, but until you have to deal with it yourself, or someone close to you is affected by it, you won’t appreciate it for the serious nature attributed to it.

Perhaps the best way to dispel some myths is to read the East Kent Rape Line’s leaflet, which quells the following assumptions:

“Rapists are strangers” – 94% of female victims reported that a serious sexual assault had been committed by someone known to them.

“Women provoke rape” – Women from all ages, classes, races and backgrounds are raped, from babies to women in their 90’s

“The Rapist is a psychopath” –Virtually all (97%) of rapists are perfectly sane at the time of the attack.

“Men can’t help it _ they have uncontrollable urges”.- No sexual urge is uncontrollable, it is a man’s choice whether he acts on it or not. Research shows 80% of rapes are planned.

“ Women invent allegations of Rape” It is estimated that only 15% of rapes are reported. Police records show that 2% of Rape allegations made are false – which is the same % rate as other serious crimes.

I am far from the authority on how to deal with such a situation, even though a couple of people very close to my heart have been severely affected by it.

Don’t suffer in silence, the East Kent Rape Line is run by professionally trained women, open from 6.30pm to 9.30pm Monday to Friday. These are the numbers you will need.

0800 458 28 18

Support Line
01227 450400

01227 451753


  • Very informative George, good work!

    By chairman on 18.7.2023

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