Band of Horses – Shepherd’s Bush, July 9th

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By events-editor on 18.7.2023

Band of Horses – Shepherd’s Bush, July 9th

I was pretty surprised when I heard that Band of Horses had sold out on the 9th of July, I wasn’t aware that they were really considered that big, but they did, and it was pretty easy to see why while watching them.

Although the atmosphere wasn’t too amazing, however, but that was far from Horses’ fault, the crowd was mostly middle aged men and women. The crowd had it’s fair share of crazies and mugs, such as some dick at the front with an afro doing devil horns and headbanging along. Idiot.

They came on fairly unimpressively, pretty much just walking on and waving, but their charm and gratitude for our attention captivated us in the audience. They seem really nice guys, and played a handful of new stuff and a load of their best tunes, and you could tell that they were loving it the whole time.

If you ever get the chance to see them live, I would recommend it highly, the sound quality was great and you really take on their sense of enjoyment. Brilliant gig, brilliant band. Go listen.


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