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By website-editor on 7.8.2023

Student Cookbook – The Essential Guide

When I first picked up this book I was almost mentally preparing its average to bad review. A trip to any book shop and you will find 101 different cookbooks all trying to be everything to everyone (well at least in the student world), in fact I have several rotting on my bookshelf, presents from distant relatives.

I decided to give it a fair chance however and rate it on the criteria that I would *need* to see if it was every going to get opened, let alone have any impact on my eating life which currently consists of the same 3 meals carefully rotated throughout the week.

1. Is it going to avoid patronising me?

Well not really, but it isn’t actually a bad thing. Although this book is written in just about the most simple language you are ever likely to find this is probably a good thing as students don’t really have anything in the way of an attention span. There is a survival kit given in detail at the beggining of the book and all those interesting, yet often misunderstood cooking methods, utenisils and such explained in full detail so really after reading this book a student should have no excuse.

2. Would I cook anything in there?

With meals like “Easy Cooked Pasta” and “Pork Chops with Vegetables” I’d probably have to be living under a culinary rock not to, so it scores well on that point. My only critisism is that other student cook books do seem to get a little more exciting with what they offer, but the frankly does anyone ever really bother with them? Those who really want to eat well at university will go home/to a resteraunt/to Marks & Spencers ready meal section or just won’t bother going to university at all.

3. Is there anything besides recipes?

Well now you ask, yes! A low down of healthy living and a guide to entertaining someone on a budget gave this book a little added value, and for an overweight, cheapskate boyfriend/girlfriend looking to impress, this might even be a godsend.

All in all if you are looking for your parents, aunty or grandparents to get you one of those “going away to uni” presents, get them to get this one.


  • I’d much rather they got me an essential guide to writing, for when I join inQuire!

    By Anonymous on 11.8.2023

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