Kent University poised for sleep out

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By Jonathan Buckner on 17.10.2023

Kent University poised for sleep out

Tonight, on the UoK campus, the ‘UKC Against Homelessness Society’ will be holding its first event since it was established, just two weeks ago. Given what society president, Aaron Kiely, has described as the “shocking level of homelessness in Canterbury”, the society has opted for an entire evening of events in order to make the maximum impact and raise as much awareness as possible. For those interested in attending, the evening will start from 6pm in Grimond Lecture Theatre 2, with an educational aspect, with speeches, talks and discussions on issues such as drugs and alcohol, the realities of homelessness, and also a slot to discuss the possible political solutions to homelessness. It is expected that the Labour Party PPC (Prospective Parliamentary Candidate) for Canterbury will be in attendance for this part, as will Julian Brazier, MP. The Sleep Out itself will be held outside of the Templeman Library from 8pm onwards.

Event organisers are strongly recommending that all those wishing to participate dress very warmly, bring a sleeping bag, and that students bring their student cards with them. Strong emphasis has also been placed on the fact that this is a strictly no alcohol event. Throughout the night there will be free and accessible medical and toilet facilities, as well as a soup kitchen, all of which will be located in the Locke Building. A free breakfast will be available to participants after the sleep out ends around 8am.

President Kiely has described the event as an opportunity for “students to show their support for those who have to spend every night on the streets, and to show that the common myths which are perpetuated about homelessness simply are not true.” Given the recent outrage generated by the possibility of the Scrine Foundation’s closure, it is hoped that this evening’s event will add to the growing local awareness of the problem of homelessess.

The Sleep Out, Friday 17th October, presentations 6-8pm, Grimond Lecture Theatre two, and Sleep Out, outside the Library on the grass, 8pm-8am.


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