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We Asked Kent Students what they think about the Royal Family

Charlie Maguire

Charlie is a guest writer studying English and American Literature and Journalism.

With us a couple months past the Royal Engagement announcement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle and a few months away from when their Royal Wedding will take place in May, we asked some Kent students and faculty their opinions on the Royal Engagement, and whether they even give a damn about The Royal Family. Here’s what people said:
Samuel, 20:

“2017 is exactly 20 years after [Princess] Diana passed away so that would be on their mind as a family so then it’s nice that they can remember this year as not being the 20 year anniversary but the year they got engaged. She’s an ‘unconventional’ bride for a royal so that’s also exciting, even though there will be a lot of criticism from small seat conservatives… It shows that the monarchy is moving with times. ”

Eddie, 21

“It’s happy news for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. However, it does overshadow the more important stories and more important events that have happened across the globe lately. They hold more significance than the general public like to perceive and I think they hold more responsibility in terms of legislation and governing this country. One of the biggest events that were overlooked were recent government cuts to mental health services across the country. That was something that was not as widely reported by many media outlets as opposed to the engagement of Harry and Meghan, so I felt that needed more coverage by more national press.”

Graham Forbes (Philosophy Professor):

“One of the striking but rather under-reported things about this is that we have a royal prince marrying an American divorcee which sometime ago was the cause of an abdication crisis. We’ve got somebody whose mother was killed as a result of immense public interest in the details of their life who’s managing to make a life for himself and he’s seems to have come through some quite personal struggles, he’s found someone he could make a life with. Good luck to him.”

Adam 21:

“I don’t see why it’s getting as much media attention as it should be. It’s going to cost taxpayers thousands of pounds for the wedding to go ahead. Sure it’s fabulous for the two to get married and the message of having a mixed-raced woman marrying a royal family member, but I don’t think that with the current political and social issues that are out there at the moment, like war and the economy, it shouldn’t be getting the attention that it deserves.”

Lauren, 19

“It’s lovely, it’s like a fairytale. It’s kind of ruined my chances of becoming a princess now… but I hope that we can have a bank holiday.”

Pebbles, 22

“It’s really cool because Meghan’s this really cool humanitarian, and it’s a nice breath of fresh air. Everyone goes on about how the wedding will cost the taxpayer money, but all they really pay for is the security. I’m from a family of ruralist, growing-up we’d have street parties and stuff when there were weddings.”

Nick, 23

“I hadn’t really followed… They’re just people”

Rob, 23

“I don’t think it should be front page news. Especially with the news that the Queen is investing money in these overseas financial institutions, there’s some shady sides to the royal family. But otherwise I think it’s good for the country. Of course, it brings in money with tourism.”

Charlotte, 18

“I was actually a bit jealous because after the first royal wedding I had a reoccurring dream that Harry and I would get married, but he’d always be late for the wedding. In one of them I was waiting at the altar, but he was playing golf.”

Damilola, 22

“It’s a good change bringing in multiculturalism. It’s showing that this country is moving forward and I’m really happy for Harry. I hope that she does all the things Princess Diana did. It’s an amazing thing that everyone is accepted into the royal family and just knowing that love overthrows everything.”

Seagull, 5

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