The highly anticipated environmental documentary, “Before the Flood” has been described as ‘preaching to the choir’, suggesting that very few people who are not already informed on the subject would bother watching the film. However, Hollywood heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio has likely attracted a lot more viewers than those already interested in the issue of Climate Change. Throughout the film, DiCaprio pushes aside his film star reputation and truly shows that he is a worthwhile UN Messenger of Peace by traveling the world and exposing the effects of Climate Change first hand. We are shown how Miami Beach in Florida has been forced to elevate its roads in order to combat the rising ocean waters, and we see the horrific destruction caused by tar-sands, which DiCaprio compares to looking like Mordor.

However, the documentary does not solely point out what humanity is doing wrong; it also highlights solutions that we can partake in in order to help the Earth such as cutting back on meat consumption (as Leonardo DiCaprio does himself). For several years now, many households have made conscious effort to switch off lights, recycle, and use cars less etc. and all of these small changes are fantastic, although, the environmental damage that has been made to the Earth is now way beyond these little efforts. We must continue to do these things but even more dedication is currently needed in order to save the Earth.

The USA’s stance on tackling environmental issues would have been massively different if Hillary Clinton had won the election – as she acknowledges that Climate Change is human-induced, whereas Donald Trump denies this fact. It is likely that he will reject Obama’s previous policies that were aimed specifically at combating Climate Change, and not only this but he has indicated that he may cut the U.S Environmental Protection Agency. It is difficult to imagine that a singular documentary like ‘Before the Flood’ is powerful enough to alter the stubborn views of people like Trump, however, we must try our best to get as involved in environmental issues as possible, and attempt to stay hopeful for a greener future.

Reducing meat consumption is not the only difference you can make; you can also try your best to get involved with what’s happening in your area, for example, emailing your MP encouraging them to attend debates regarding important issues like fracking, Hinkley Power Plant and the new Heathrow runway (there are plenty of templates online that can help you with this). Though it doesn’t sound particularly effective, constantly signing petitions does make a difference sometimes, and if you use websites such as ‘Care2′ you will be able to see the progress that the petition made after you signed. You can also easily stay up to date with important, environmental news by liking the “Greenpeace” Facebook group, or follow them on Twitter; and being vocal, and spreading awareness on Social Media is such a great form of activism in today’s age.