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Mr. Trump Goes to London

This week, President Trump’s long awaited visit to London finally occurred, with the American leader and his entourage touching down for a black tie dinner with our Prime Minister Theresa May. Much has been said of the event, but one phrase has been heard again and again from the British public: ‘we don’t want him here’. This attitude, however, misses the point.

President Trump is an insufferable egomaniac and a poor President. He has exhibited little talent for either foreign or domestic policy, and the information that leaks out of his White House is never flattering or encouraging. Make no mistake, this author is no fan of the President. However, he is still the President. To deny him entry to our country disrespects that position, and that is not a step we should take. It unnecessarily damages relations, makes us appear the petty ones, and all else aside gives Trump an opportunity to push the ridiculous us vs them mantra. We are better than that, and despite its recent trouble we still respect America and its most powerful office.

Donald Trump is a poor President – but the office still matters.

Instead, let’s demonstrate to the American people that while we are still their allies, their President is a moron. Let’s allow him to hustle and bustle over our land, let him make his foolish statements, and calmly tear them apart. Show the United States the difference between Trump and Obama, or Trump and Bush. We do not need to react in anger to show our distaste of the man in charge of the USA, we can do it politely and subtly, in true British fashion. That is the way to damage Trump’s position, and lower his standings in America. Showing hatred only boosts support for Trump, as we have seen many times previously.

Showing Trump hatred only boosts him, as Clinton found out on multiple occasions.

So this week, let’s avoid denying Trump access, or showering him with hatred. Let’s let him get on, until he eventually leaves us behind again, hopefully in a weaker position. And then, presumably, we’ll all breathe a sigh of relief.

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