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How about a Women’s Tour de France?

In cycling (and sport in general), men are in the spotlight. What about women? Why is there no women’s Tour de France (TDF)? There was one, you just didn’t hear about it. read more



2012: The Downfall of Barcelona?

They play the perfect game, they provide the ideal model of team football that other teams strive to achieve, they entertain the crowds like no other team, but has 2012 seen the demise of Barcelona’s dominance in European football? The question is resurrected after the 2-1 defeat of Barcelona by Celtic FC on 7 November 2012. Was this a case of wrongly underestimating a team thought to be irrelevant in comparison to Barcelona who hosts some of the world’s best players, or does the answer to this question lie in the changing face of 21st century football? read more



RESPECT: Four years on in grassroots football

November 2007: A disastrous Euro 2008 qualification campaign sees England fail to qualify for an international tournament since 1994. Seven months later, in Moscow, English football glistened brightly in the glow of European football, as for the first time ever two English sides, Manchester United and Chelsea, competed in the Champions League Final. But this was a mere smokescreen covering the cracks within England’s most popular sport. read more

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BBC Sports Personality of the Year candidate: Andy Murray

He is sullen. He is irritable. He is introverted. But he is the best Great British tennis player – male or female – for the last 30 years, and has finally put the Great British name on a male singles grand slam title for the first time since Fred Perry in 1936. That is why he should be Sports Personality of the Year for 2012. Murray has quite a few detractors. I am not his biggest fan myself. But even his greatest enemies cannot fail to admire his grittiness, determination and effort on a tennis court – not to mention his ability. read more


BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2012: The Contenders

This December, the BBC will present its annual Sports Personality Award live from the ExCel Arena in London. The event will bring to a close a truly remarkable year for British sport; but one title remains to be won, and, more importantly, who will win it? read more



Freedman to Bolton: The right move?

Following Bolton’s sacking of the amiable Owen Coyle, they scoured the best the Championship had to offer for bright managerial talent, and made an approach for Crystal Palace legend Dougie Freedman. It was an approach which I thought would end in disappointment for the Trotters. read more



Advantage: British women’s tennis. Or are there still too many faults?

Whether you’re that casual tennis supporter that only gets hyped up when the sun is out (if you’re lucky), or when strawberries and smell of freshly cut grass overtakes your senses as Wimbledon comes around again, or whether you’re glued to the ATP rankings 24/7 – you can’t ignore the seemingly lacklustre performance of British female tennis players in the last decade or so. Until now. read more

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