Week 16 BUCS – CCCU Come Off Best In Pre-Varsity Face-Off

Wednesday 11 February saw a whole host of pre-Varsity fixtures as UKC and CCCU faced each other in six fixtures.

However, it was CCCU who drew the first blood as they enjoyed four wins over UKC, with only two of the fixtures going against them. UKC might find some solace in the fact that four of the fixtures were against ‘higher’ Christchurch equivalents, who they will not face in Varsity.

The men's second hockey side will be looking to continue their good run of form (Photograph: Dave Cocozza )

The men’s hockey side lost both of their pre-Varsity fixtures (Photograph: Dave Cocozza )

Elsewhere, it was a largely disappointing day for Kent’s teams with nine wins, two draws and eleven defeats.

Some teams were unlucky: the women’s football first team were beaten by a ninetieth minute fluke. But they will not be too disheartened, as they secured an unlikely 3-2 victory over Barming in the South East Counties Women’s Football League Cup Competition’s semi-finals. The final, which takes place on 27 April at Maidstone’s Gallagher stadium, will see them pitted against the top team in their league.

Here are this week’s results in full:

Men’s 1st vs LSE 1st (D) 4 – 4
Men’s 2nd vs City 1st (L) 2 – 6
Women’s 1st vs SOAS 1st (L) 3 – 5
Men’s 1st vs Essex 2nd (W) 64 – 38
Women’s 1st vs UCL 1st (L) 56 – 63
Men’s 1st vs UCL 1st (L) 116 – 128
Ice Hockey
Ice Hockey 2nd vs Cambridge 2nd (W) 8 – 2
Women’s 1st vs Brighton 1st (L) 30 – 42
Women’s 2nd vs Hertfordshire 2nd (W) 32 – 4
Women’s 4th vs CCCU 3rd (W) 36 – 32
Women’s 1st vs East London 1st (L) 0 – 3


(Photograph: Adam J Webb Photography)

The Ice Hockey second team lie top of their group with one game to play (Photograph: Adam J Webb Photography)

Men’s 1st vs Hertfordshire 1st (W) 16 – 1
Men’s 2nd vs CCCU 1st (L) 0 – 14
Women’s 1st vs Hertfordshire 1st (W) 32 – 4


Men’s 1st vs Sussex 1st (W) 3 – 0
Men’s 2nd vs Queen Mary 2nd (D) 2 – 2
Women’s 1st vs Bucks New 1st (L) 0 – 1 
Men’s 1st vs CCCU 1st (L) 2 – 4
Men’s 3rd vs CCCU 2nd (L) 4 – 6
Women’s 1st vs CCCU 1st (W) 2 – 0
Women’s 2nd vs Hertfordshire 1st (L) 1 – 11
Women’s 3rd vs St George’s 2nd (W) 2 – 1
Men’s 1st vs UCL 2nd (L) 24 – 28
Men’s 3rd vs Kings 4th (W) 38 – 15
Men’s 4th vs Essex 2nd (L) 7 – 19
Men’s 1st vs Royal Holloway 1st (L) 2 – 10
Men’s 2nd vs CCCU 1st (L) 2 – 10
Women’s 1st vs Imperial 1st (W) 10 – 2


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