Exercise Faux Pas

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Sometimes in life, it’s okay to bend the rules a little. But when it comes to exercise, bending the rules is not always the best option.

During every training session, no matter who you are or how advanced an athlete you are, it is unlikely you will finish your session without some fault or mistake. Below, I outline ten common ‘exercise faux pas’ that gym instructors see on a daily basis.

1. Name Shame
If you are using a piece of kit in the gym, it’s always best to know what its name is. Not only will this help you know where it focuses, but it also gives you confidence in using it.

2. Why Try
After learning the name of the equipment, the next step is to learn what it does and the benefit of using it. You are in the gym to reap rewards; whether it be to strengthen and tone or to adapt, it’s important to know what muscle group you are working while performing a discipline. This helps you to progress towards any goals.

3. – Technique Tragedy
Working through a faulty and poor technique invites injuries. You will be more successful mastering your style and positions than attempting a skillful exercise with the wrong joint working. Improve technique before you improve a skill. Faulty technique or half-repetitions could wreak havoc on your body.

4. Buff Biceps, Tiny Triceps
This comes down to only working specific body areas and muscle groups. Images of huge muscles, defined abs and large shoulders denotes strength in society. However, physique is an overall body composition and health. A whole body approach is the only way you will remain lithe, powerful and proportioned.

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If you want to look like Arnie, you’ll have to focus on every part of your body (Source: Fitness Motivation Facebook Page)


5. – Plateau Plodding
If you do what you’ve always done, you will have what you’ve always had. No need for an explanation on this, change often brings progression. Do not be afraid to try something new for positive results.

6. – Invest in Intensity
Buy a heart rate monitor or learn to rate your work loads and efforts correctly. When you come to the gym, the key principle is to monitor your intensity. Knowing what it is you want to achieve is your benchmark for structuring your training accordingly. The vast majority over-estimate calories burnt when it comes to weight loss exercise. Viewing the machine’s exercise summary is not a true indication of energy output as they do not take your entire physique into account. This leads the gym-goer to believe they have over-succeeded at times. On another note, increasing intensity too quickly can be just as damaging. Learn to strike the right balance.

7. – Fashion Failure
Fashionable, comfortable kit is crucial to staying trendy and feeling positive when working out. Making a fashion statement is not what your time should be spent achieving but if your clothes are making people stare at you whilst you exercise, it’s time for a change.

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We shouldn’t use the gym mirrors to stare at ourselves. They are there to aid technique (Source: Gym Fails Facebook page)


8. – Screamer Diva
Having a rough day or tough workout? Singing along to your music? Not everyone wants to hear your grunts, screams and singing. So, take out your ear phones and don’t be the type of gym-goer that lets everyone know where they are and what they’re doing.
9. – Kit Hog
Sitting on a piece of kit while texting or having a chat may annoy the other people who are waiting to use that machine. On a daily basis, people ‘park up’ on a station and set up base. Do your sets and move on to allow others to continue their programmes.

10. – Mirror Magnet
Exercise is fast approaching a vanity, rather than that of a healthy, status. The reason we exercise needs to be assessed and addressed. It is crucial to be healthy in both heart and mind. Exercise promotes health and wellbeing. Use the mirrors to correct your posture and adjust technique. Don’t use them to admire yourself.

The above faux pas are what trainers see throughout every gym, every day. We can all play a part to help erase some of these common problems and give gym-exercise a better and more enjoyable environment.


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