5 ways to stay sporty during exam season

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As the stress of exams looms and students enter hibernation, Manon Charles provides tips on how to stay active without a trip to the gym.

With exam season underway, revision often becomes more important than anything else, including exercise. But leaving the books and working up a sweat can be a great way to calm the nerves. Here are my top tips for staying sporty during revision:

1) Textbook weightlifting

This is the time of year that textbooks really start to pile up. Whether they are extremely useful or have never been looked at, they take up a lot of room. So how about putting them to good use? Find two textbooks that are roughly the same weight and get lifting. This can be a cheaper alternative to the gym, with the added bonus of being able to lift in your pyjamas. Lifting a little everyday will get rid of the bingo wings in no time.

2) Templeman sprints

If the library is the revision location of your choice, add some easy exercise into your day with the Templeman sprints. Regular breaks are necessary for effective revision, so how about some sprints to really get the blood flowing? Find the nearest staircase (or empty row of books) and get moving. If you can’t handle running, start off slow with some power walking. Remember, anything is better than nothing!

3) Squat’n’revise

If you want to get a Kardashian bum for summer, this is the exercise for you! Place your revision on the floor and squat down to read it. Repeat as necessary. To make this move slightly easier, put your notes on a table in front of you or even blu-tack them to the wall. You’ll have buns of steel in no time!

4) Revision paper toss

This is a game of skill and endurance. What better way to get rid of revision notes than through a fun game of paper toss. Place your bin on the other side of the room, as you work through your revision and rip out pages, or get rid of notes, simply scrunch the paper into a ball and toss. This sport doesn’t require much movement, simply concentrating on your shooting abilities. To really get your heart pumping, place the bin in a harder to reach place and get creative.

5) Run away from revision

If all else fails in getting you active, this is something that everyone can do. Whether you run away mentally or physically, sometimes a break from revision can do a world of good!


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