5 niche sports to try out this summer

5 niche sports to try out this summer

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It’s that time of year again when the shorts, shades and flip-flops return from dormancy. Summer is just around the corner and to help you figure out how to spend your free time, Manon Charles gives you her top new sports to try out over the vacation period.

1) Zorbing

I feel like this should be something that everyone tries at least once in their life. Imagine yourself rolling down the hill wrapped in a massive ball of bubble wrap; this is essentially what zorbing is. Sounds amazing, right? Another version of this is Water Zorbing and the same principle applies, but instead of running on ground, you are literally rolling on water. This sport offers endless possibilities for a fun day out!

2) Paintballing

Okay, so this is a bit of a classic activity, but it never gets old! Whether you play it recreationally or competitively, it is brilliant fun especially when enjoyed with your friends. This is a great idea for a birthday celebration or even if you’re bored over the summer. So grab your gear and get ready to run!

3) Laser Tag

The concept is similar to paint balling, but without the mess (and the bruises). As opposed to shooting each other with paint, you take down your team members with laser beams. This is best played with a big group of people, as you can split into two teams and go against each other. It is a stealthy game that will test your stamina as well as your alertness, so make sure you keep a watchful eye!

4) Arm Wrestling

This one requires very little equipment, just an arm and a flat surface (and an opponent obviously). This is a chance to show off the results of all those hours spent lifting at the gym (or lifting your textbooks). To make things interesting, start a tournament amongst your friends and implement a small monetary/confectionary buy-in. The winner goes home with the lot! Remember, sun’s out, guns out!

5) Hula Hooping

Re-live your younger days by dusting off your old hula hoop and taking it for a spin. The best thing about this activity is that you can do it in the convenience of your back garden. While it may sound easy, hula hooping is a sport that requires a lot of practice and skill, so keep those hips moving and you will be a pro by the end of the summer!

These are just a selection of the different sports that are out there. If traditional sports aren’t your thing, or you just fancy trying something new, use this summer as an opportunity to explore your options and hone your skills.


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